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The 2016 world robot conference countdown   Yao Ming will challenge the robot technology — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 10 Beijing Xinhua (Zhao Zhuqing) will be held 21 days this month to 25, the 2016 world robot assembly has entered the 10 day countdown. Reporters learned from the press conference today, during the general assembly, Yao Ming, Wang Liqin and other stars will initiate a challenge to the robot". The 2016 world robot assembly to create a shared win-win, open intelligent era "as the theme, organized by the Beijing Municipal People’s government, the Ministry of industry and information technology, China science and Technology Association, the China Institute of electronics, Beijing economic and Information Technology Commission, Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, IEEE Robotics and automation society, the international robot research fund will the 13 international support agencies, from more than 11 countries more than 300 leading experts and 150 well-known enterprises participating. Secretary General of the 2016 world robot conference, vice chairman and Secretary General of the China Electronics Association Xu Xiaolan introduced, compared to last year, the first meeting, the scale of the conference will be further expanded. The general assembly is divided into three parts: the main forum and professional forums, fairs, robot contest. She will compare these three parts of the robot in the field of "Davos", China’s "Hannover Exhibition" and the robot industry, "the Olympic games". 3 God Forum: robot field, Davos, according to the introduction, the 2016 world robot conference forum by the main forum for the first 3 days and the composition of the 22 forum. The main forum, Wang Tianran, Zheng Nanning, Li Deyi, Ding Han, academicians and experts, International Foundation of robotics research (IFRR) chairman Oussama Khatib, Nedelskiy Vitaly, President of the Russian Federation of robotics and other international institutions and experts in charge of Professor, Tesla global executive vice president of Diarmuid O’Connell, Foxconn’s chief scientist Dai Jiapeng and other business leaders, will focus on "strategy and trend", "dynamic and frontier", "technology and innovation", "cross and integration", "industry and application", "cooperation and consensus" six stages, the main purpose of the report and peak dialogue. 22 thematic forums dedicated to education, unmanned robot, UAV, artificial intelligence, robots, medical robots in different fields, covering the latest technology and industry hotspot in robot applications. 40 thousand square meters exhibition: China Hannover Exhibition for a period of 5 days, according to the industrial exposition services, three kinds of special robot exhibition, highlighting the characteristics of intelligence. Then, Yaskawa, Tesla, hagongda robot group, nearly 150 Chinese and foreign well-known enterprises and advanced products will be unveiled. Indoor and outdoor exhibition area of 40 thousand square meters, more than doubled last year, and ad hoc global innovation exhibition. 6 major: Robot World "the Olympic Games" 2016 world robot contest a total unmanned challenge, UAV flight extreme challenge, the International Robot Contest in water, port Hefu robot RoboCup robot soccer star challenge, challenge, RoboCom Youth Challenge 6 contest, attracted from more than and 10 countries and regions)相关的主题文章: