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The 4 great benefits of getting up in the morning to drink a glass of water [Abstract] many people are used to drinking water in the morning. Here we take a look at the 4 major benefits of breakfast water. Do you know? The "water" you drink has played a very important role in the morning. As the water slowly flows through every corner of the body, the energy rich cells have the strength to start a new 1 day. So to keep the beverage containing afternoon drink! For your health needs, choose the morning water for you, will not increase the burden on the body oh! Both Chinese and Western medicine, the morning must eat breakfast, especially from the point of view, it seems when health, 7 to 9 in the morning, when the stomach is on duty, this time to eat into the diet most easily digested and absorbed. In the morning 9-11 responsible for transport of spleen excretion in our body will have enough energy to discharge waste water, waste and sewage. However, before eating breakfast, you still have 1 health steps must not forget, is to drink first glasses of water! At this time, drinking water and breakfast is even more important than eating breakfast! First cups of water through the gastrointestinal tract, can clean the digestive tract, gastrointestinal cell activation, on the night before the loss of body water, and diluted gradually thick blood, let the body from the inside of the wake, like you every day in the morning to wash the same reason. Choose your morning first cup of water, is not only an important key to maintenance of stomach qi, then tea and breakfast can smooth digestion and absorption, then smooth defecation, drainage, let the body filled with clean energy, into a virtuous cycle of metabolism. Four good morning to drink a cup of water, the 1 morning, the stomach food has long been digested, then enter the water like toilet, completely rinse the stomach residue. 2, the morning drink in a few seconds will reach every corner of the body, can promote cell metabolism, allowing the body to wake up from sleep, refreshing. 3, people in sleep will sweat, so the water continues to drain. Early morning water can be added to the loss of moisture in sleep, so that the cells are full of water, the skin appears to be full of elasticity. 4, can dilute urine, urethral irrigation, and as the embodiment of stool softeners, let you smooth out retained in the body of waste. Can also be diluted gradually thick blood, reduce blood concentration, avoid blood pressure surge. The pot of water left what water can not drink water, water is the 1 steamer steamer steamed Steamed Buns etc., especially after repeated use of the steamer water, high concentration of nitrite. Often drink this water, or the water boil Rice porridge, will cause nitrite poisoning. The scale often with water into the human body, can cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases, and even cause premature aging. 2, thousands of thousands of boiling water on the stove is boiling water overnight or boiling water for a long time, repeated boiling water and electric water heater and repeatedly used the steamer water. This water is boiled too long, the water is not volatile substances, such as calcium, magnesium and other heavy metals and nitrite content is very high. Long drink this water, will cause nitrite poisoning. 3, the aging water known as "stagnant water", which is a long time storage of immobile water. Often drink this water, to minors相关的主题文章: