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Children’s watches can self timer? The amount of radiation is low, let the baby wear assured – Sohu technology sometimes very Junzhen envy kids now, all kinds of toys emerge in an endless stream. This is not what, all kinds of children’s products are also changing the pattern of the listing. But to say that now the most popular children’s products, children’s watch must be on the list, today, the fruit of the king to give small partners to bring a super smart children’s watch – Candy cat smart phone watch beautiful version of M1. The children watch with a 1.3 inch touch screen, the resolution is 240× 240, the dial has black and white powder blue four colors, there are a variety of pattern material for food grade watchband, watchband rubber material, kids can be assured to wear. The upper case beauty shot version of the M1 has a 300 thousand pixel camera self timer, so that children can record the beauty around me, come back and parents share. U.S. version of the M1 to support the call function, the lower end of the insertion of the SIM card can be. Store up to 99 family numbers, and automatically intercept calls outside the family number, to ensure that children will not be harassed. Parents received a call from the child, but also with time and place information, even if not accidentally received, but also through the information to understand the situation of children. The built-in program also supports small friends like WeChat, send voice, text and facial expressions, as well as shake a friend function. U.S. version of the M1 using GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, WiFi, base stations and gravity sensing six hybrid positioning, positioning quickly and accurately, indoor accuracy of 25 meters, the outdoor accuracy is up to 2.5 meters. Ip66 level dustproof waterproof, children wear to the beach to play all right. Watch standby time is 5 days, charging time is 1 hours, short trips do not even need a charger. On smart child watches, parents are most concerned about the radiation may not hurt children. U.S. version of the M1 standby radiation is close to zero, call radiation is much lower than international standards, do not need to worry. At present, this child watches have been on sale in Jingdong, however, it is too hot, in a state of shortage, like a small partner can pay more attention to. ————END————– want it? I send you ah! Here is the sugar cat beauty version of M1 phone watch free! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply Keywords: children watch相关的主题文章: