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Want to go to these places, the 11 do not grab tickets? Sohu travel to share every travel experience, there will always be a friend asked how much money, after all, the cost of travel abroad accounted for a big ticket. The eleven is Tmall Taobao fans Festival, airlines this year have also joined the ranks of dumped goods, and we join the festivities. In the past, we flew to Europe, Oceania, the number of more, I deliberately pay attention to the European route. If you happen to have plans to go to these destinations, there’s no shortage of eleven. I wish you get a good price, buy the cheapest ticket is tantamount to save money! Starting from Shanghai: Barcelona Paris Rome 3499 tax (Lufthansa Swiss Austrian Airlines) (these are the Chinese favorite classic beauty + shopping destination Zurich 3499 (including tax) Swiss Austrian Airlines (Lufthansa) can ski, see the snow capped mountains, the way to buy watches in Switzerland) Madrid (Emirates) (4029 ham, football) Amsterdam 3920 (Qatar Airways) (to Amoy Hof garden to see the flowers, there are Confidante color blocks of the museum is a bright spot, you know!) Helsinki 6600 tax (Finland Airlines) (Santa Claus, lucky way to see the Aurora) Venice 3910 (Air France) (opera, sit gondola 4040 tax) in Athens (France) (Temple of Athena, long history museum) Dubai 4279 (Emirates) (shortly before the visa nouveau riche Kingdom, buy gold, Lugger Hotel Montreal (Canada) 1880 (aviation) since yesterday broken bed is forecast by the Jolin DT in the house successfully. The website of the Canadian Immigration Bureau, the immigrants who want to go to Canada, the United States of America, the entire network of friends, or do you want to join a lively? Starting from Beijing Barcelona Paris Rome Milan 3499 tax (Lufthansa Swiss Austrian Airlines Zurich 3499 (including tax) Lufthansa Swiss Austrian Airlines) Oakland Christchurch Wellington 4200 (Singapore Airlines) (the Middle Kingdom, the Hobbit fan favorite) of other city: Xiamen Chengdu Chongqing Kunming Wuhan Fuzhou Wellington Guangzhou Changsha – 4200 – London 4690 tax (air France) (London is only do not need to recommend the destination, because it is really too much fire!!!) Guangzhou – Stockholm 4280 tax (Air France) (Northern Venice, once known as the most beautiful capital of the world. Believe it or not! Warm tip: see the low price, we should not be too excited. Because people write clearly, the price began to sell, buy time is not necessarily true! If the character is overflowing, really see, don’t hesitate to do. In addition, for those who do not have a visa, visa and afraid of friends, some companies refused to sign the letter by the community相关的主题文章: