Mid autumn night, Hunan station was a serious error was black, Sheenah was kicked out of the Hunan s 霍金hawking

Mid autumn night, Hunan station was a serious error was black, Sheenah was kicked out of the Hunan station, Joe Chen? Hunan satellite TV to a holiday, be sure to put on a party, of course, a fixed host to the present position, has been the old partner Sheenah and He Jiong!!! But this time Sheenah was there when the host, but replaced Joe Chen, but it didn’t what, because before Sheenah was wrong, but the mango party also appeared on the serious mistakes, that people cannot endure!!! We all know that Sheenah can be said to be a sister in Hunan, the Mid Autumn Festival party is not her!!! This is a little upset ah ~ ~ ~ but more disappointed is indeed a serious mistake in Hunan station!!! Hunan station the night of the Mid Autumn Festival is a festival full of stars, but a serious error!!! Who can think of Reno Wang and Zeng Yi Ming chorus of "Moonlight", who are all had Yiming sound, make people that Reno Wang is in the same but they are lip synching, genuineness in singing!!! This can be said to be the perfect opening, after Reno Wang immediately issued a document in micro-blog expressed frustration!!! This is not a sister Sheenah, is really out of one after another question!!! Sheenah, who appeared in the airport all the way to the hot chat like sisters Hunan station is also very much to face, and soon returned to his!!! That is their fault, the singer is very hard but it is ~ ~ ~ netizens can not watch TV, so such a serious mistake will be ~ ~ ~ this net friends is constantly Tucao direct shelling Hunan Taiwan have friends ~ ~ ~ also pointed out that the first show opening on a lip synching however, it does not know if it is true! Is this kind of thing is for a host of reasons??? Certainly not the!!! Although Sheenah seems to have made a wrong statement, Sheenah said "Hunan Taiwan he actually think I was a leaf from first to last," this seems to be the platform of Hunan, a little disappointed!!! So I didn’t attend the Mid Autumn Festival in Hunan!! But it doesn’t seem to have much impact on He Jiong and Joe Chen’s new combination!!! He Jiong shows that the first two people have a tacit understanding of cooperation, which is to say that it will continue to go after the rhythm? In contrast, Sheenah’s side is closed to Hunan Taiwan not to mention her husband Zhang Jie in the central support in their performance is only micro-blog!!! Since the restrictions made out of Korea, Hunan Taiwan suffered netizens Tucao, after this event may also be a decline in popularity ~ ~ ~相关的主题文章: