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Thailand: Chiang Rai woods [eleven] – Sohu emperor’s harem special tourism in Thailand: Chiang Rai woods Tudaiwa emperor’s harem with a wood wall in northern Thailand, Chiang Rai, this is a late artist’s home. The artist for some relatively small minority. Love built Thai temple hall, high and steep slope of multilayer, painted black. These scattered in the woods in the area of the building, East West Building a house, not beautiful, let a person feel religious solemn, slightly depressed. The artist collected specimens of animals, skins, skeletons, tools, and supplies, and placed them in the temple of god. The number of black and dark color collections, many in the tall is not bright enough in the Great Hall of the people can not help the eyes, heart is heavy. The artist of his hall as the collection when the emperor’s harem, his concubine, took turns to accompany sleep every night. Of course, he did not mean the day, open the door to welcome outsiders come in. Today, thousands of miles away China tourists refer to it as "hell", known as the black temple; while the local people thought no gods would not worship the temple, so it is called a. The land of Thailand is privately owned, and if you have money, you can buy land. In their own land as egotistical, but who will mess? Chiang Rai is the home of artists of the forest, here, he made his love of playing house, personal favorite art and collection. All kinds of buildings, unique shape. Hill hanging roof is divided into three or four parts, the steep faces exaggerated startling. This temple is not a residential building, only common in the temple. Walk the dark room, as if being in a Buddhist temple, can not help people have religious places of solemn and mysterious. Black in the hall or carved or displaying various statues and grotesque characters, God like non magic art, allowing each person to read and play. All animal exhibited in the skin, especially the crocodiles and pythons for many, also has a complete tiger fur, animal skulls, some people think that a theme is in hell and death, I am not to regard it as right. The artist is a Buddhist, a protector of animals, and the collection and exhibition is a charge of killing. The solemn black building, the grey animal carcass, makes people feel depressed. No open doors and windows, display, intensive to shocking, this is a special atmosphere of artists making, enlarge the artistic effect. In order to place the skeleton of an elephant, it is a luxury to build a building. A location is a bit biased, starting from Chiang Mai, like to play in a day, a white temple is not very realistic. We chose a tour, in order to reduce the transfer of language and inconvenience, it is no wonder to visit is the mission of the tour Chinese. The forest can be called home, but it is difficult to call it a private garden, because there is no gardening. Let the flowers and trees grow, the construction pattern is casual, appears to be fine.相关的主题文章: