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Fake military uniforms online shopping Piancaipianse collectively perform the task without any money – Beijing, no education, no technology, fear of hardship, how to make money? How can we find a girlfriend as pretty as a flower? Faced with this problem, Zhou Qingguo chose impersonating an officer piancaipianse. Recently, Qingdao City, Shandong province Huangdao District Procuratorate on suspicion of crime of a trickster posing as soldiers to their arrest. This year 24 year old Zhou Qingguo, his hometown in Shandong, Junan. After graduating from junior high school, he went to work, and later to Qingdao, he always thought to be less able to make more money. For several years, he changed jobs frequently, but did not save much money. See their small one found an object even became the home, Zhou Qingguo is a bit envious. He knew he was not a decent job, two no savings, no girl is willing to be with him. He had been a soldier since he was a child, and he fancied himself to be an officer. He thought of the expansion of the internet. At the beginning of the 2016 week, Qingguo joined a military QQ group, said he is a naval officer, lieutenant of company level, is a Qingdao ship staff. Sure enough, this identity has attracted a lot of attention to a girl, named "amore" users is a plus for his worship. Soon, Zhou Qingguo was on the network with "amore" heats up, not only to add each other as friends, the real name and contact way also left. "Amore" called Wang Mo (a pseudonym), work in the greater Huangdao area hotel. Two people’s feelings in frequent contact with the rapid warming, and established a love relationship, called each other as husband and wife". In late May 2016, after more than two months of hot chat online, and repeatedly insisted that he was a naval officer Zhou Qingguo came to work in the work of Wang Yu Hotel and live. Wang Mo to see his military officer, he said no, only to see her own identity card. Wang Mo no longer care. Wang Mo during the day to go to work, Zhou Yi will stay in the hotel, to noon, at night, two people together. Live until the fourth day, Zhou Qingguo said the money spent, to borrow money from his comrades. "Love" is blindfolded Wang Mo, took 2000 yuan, lent her boyfriend. After this time, to continue to defraud the trust of Wang Mo, Zhou Qingguo by WeChat will own position to Dalian and sent to Wang Mo, cheat she said he is in Dalian to participate in military exercises. Not only that, he also bought from the Internet a set of false naval officers uniforms and false Lieutenant rank symbol, and wearing this suit and Wang Mo meet. Zhou Qingguo’s trick really fooled Wang mo. Later, the two met again. Every time the king Mo rented in a nearby location hotel. Zhou Qingguo is always in order to perform the task without money as an excuse to cheat, Wang Mo paid two people in a hotel with accommodation during a total of 10 thousand yuan, also need to give leadership gifts, Party comrades in the name of defrauding her 2700 yuan. Frequently borrow money, let the king Mo alert. She offered to go to Zhou Qingguo’s army. Although Zhou Qingguo agreed, but also a clear paper can not contain the fire. After the last meeting of the two in July 9th, Zhou Qingguo turned off the phone. Wang Mo sent his WeChat, QQ news, and so on相关的主题文章: