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Infant feeding is not a small thing, need to be cautious – Sohu maternal family photo from the network to the park yesterday with the two treasures of the sun, the weather is most suitable for an invigorating autumn climate of outdoor activities. Often the small park gathered many baby small children, breathe fresh air, the adults also because the child soon, the strange to the familiar, nature will sit together and talk about soaring prices discount supermarket about your baby, my child, Balabala pass the time. Several days have not seen her one out is of concern to "crowd". She is just three months baby boy, weekdays are her grandmother took him out to play. "She seems thin……" "She looked at some not spirits……" We listen to all sorts of gossip words, Ding grandmother distressed his grandson from the cart out: "Oh, don’t mention it, I tingle these days diarrhea can be severe." "Went to the hospital to see it?" This is not just come back from the hospital, do a pile of checks, did not find out what, it is said that gastrointestinal dysfunction, so that the diet to pay attention to. You say we are mixed feeding, breast milk is no problem, is also the quantity added; no increase in food, so I do not know exactly what happened." Ding grandmother some helpless. All we can do is comfort the old lady, maybe in a few days. A child like a child, as long as there is no big problem check good. The child no headache fever diarrhea? Pictures from the network chatting, Ding grandmother took a big peach from the bag and skinned eat up, said the work from other people at home to go to the hospital to come back, he will not want to eat, just eat fruit sent. Granny Ding while eating, while playing with his grandson. Children more than four months have already started "greedy meal", my treasure two 100 days later, we will see the meal all eyes stare, will slobber, let us smile. My two older than her treasure, so now is the eyes staring at grandma to eat. Then, grandma suddenly put on the peach Ding Ding Ding mouth, immediately meet the dustpan with a small mouth suck a few mouthfuls. I asked her not to say not, did not give the children to increase food supplement? Ding grandma does not care to say, children suck two, where is the food? I sweat ~ ~ ~ I ask her again, when you eat at home, there are so readily give food to her lick or absorb? Ding grandmother nodded: "ah, when to eat, we love to use chopsticks dipped in a little broth, vegetable juice to taste what ding. This future child not picky, good ah! You can give your baby try back, Ding can eat incense!" There are also several level beside grandma said echo, is to let the children taste salty as soon as possible sour, sweet, bitter, hot child is not picky eaters, the future. I asked her again, so that the first Ding tastesthe taste situation had told the doctor? Ding grandmother: "not to regard it as right a little bit, not officially add complementary, doctor.相关的主题文章: