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UBS: A shares has a 80% chance of rising U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants affected by the negative interest rate factors, many overseas investors will be the asset allocation in the stock market and emerging markets. UBS asset management China stock strategy chief fund manager Shi Bin expected, this trend will be maintained for 10 years to 15 years, and one of the China stock market as an emerging market in the future will have a huge attraction, will have a 80% chance to rise. Shi Bin said that at present, A shares and Hong Kong stocks have completed the valuation of repair stage, and began to enter the second stage, or there will be greater volatility, but overall will remain good development, for the third stage will rise further, must rely on the Chinese economy can be a big change, and get the bonus from the reform now, efficiency China state-owned enterprises is relatively low, but in a larger proportion of the market, so if there is progress, China stock market will continue to rise. From the recent semi annual report released by most companies, the overall situation is better than expected, while the ability to promote the good performance of commodity policy. Shi Bin believes that the possibility of a hard landing in China’s economy gradually reduced, while the outside world for the imagination of the Chinese market risk is high, therefore, the actual risk is not imagined, is a good time to enter the market. From the yuan into the International Monetary Fund (IMF) special drawing items (SDR) less than a month’s time, in the face of the recent Chinese to reduce foreign exchange reserves, Shi Bin said, do not need to worry about a sharp change in foreign exchange reserves, the RMB after entering SDR, there will be many central banks to increase the allocation of rmb. UBS said that in the short term, Hong Kong stocks will outperform A shares. Shi Bin explained that the Hong Kong stock liquidity is strong, coupled with the current low valuations, and with the Shanghai and Hong Kong through and Shenzhen Tong, the fundamentals support, while the A shares by the domestic liquidity factors driving large, so in the next 6 to 12 months, A shares will be steady in Hong Kong will be outstanding. In addition, the State Council announced the approval of the Shenzhen Tong distance scheme has been in the past nearly a month’s time, but the market reaction is not expected to strong, at this point, Shi Bin said, this is because the A shares and Hong Kong stock market has not fully see the long-term effects of Shenzhen Tong from the Shenzhen Hong Kong through open, international investors will be able to buy 61% A shares, and about 80% of the Hongkong market will also be covered, which means that the A shares and Hong Kong stocks basically open. For investment strategies, UBS said that some of the investment can represent the future of China’s economy, the industry leader and the potential of the company will be better. However, Shi Bin said, there will be differences in execution, to do dynamic observation, a reasonable calculation of the valuation of investment. He cited the case of Tencent, although the valuation of Tencent is very high, but its endogenous growth and earnings growth driven valuation is still a large space for development, and Tencent is the platform technology company rather than the product category, and is currently the main profit still rely on the game, payment and advertising products with little income, international platform still open so, its growth is sustainable. Shi Bin also warned that the valuation of lower value stocks may become a value trap, if the company’s development model without innovation, natural growth rate will be 1相关的主题文章: