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Liu Qiangdong claimed the chef will live cooking hospitality " half of entertainment " this is the one you have never seen Liu Qiangdong, Home Furnishing dress, aprons, sleeves, awfully busy in the kitchen…… Recently, a group of Liu Qiangdong cooking exposure. According to Liu Qiangdong people around him, perhaps because of entrepreneurial experience in the restaurant opened, Liu Qiangdong likes to cook. When back home, he will invite high school students to do big dinner. After the successful listing of the United States, Liu Qiangdong also personally cook to do western executives. He is a favorite dish called Chicken pickled tofu Home Dishes jiangsu. In order to help double 11, Jingdong announced the launch in November 10th broadcast in mobile phone Jingdong, which in the afternoon 11:25 Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong will also sign broadcast channels, cook cooking delicious dishes. Previously, Liu Qiangdong in the program said in addition to Japanese cuisine, I will not do, French cuisine, Chinese, Cantonese, Sichuan, Huaiyang, are very good. Because I love cooking, in addition to operating the Jingdong, I think I can only say is a position, is the chef." According to the current preheating, the broadcast all star line-up is very strong, including Fei Yuqing, Willber Pan, Angela Chang, Christine Fan, Zheng Jun, Xu Wei, Guo Qilin, Khalil Fong, Wu Mochou and so on more than 40 large coffee relay battle, users watching live side in seckill at the same time, Prince Chen Yibing, talk show host Wang Zijian, Indoorsman killer SNH48 the famous football commentator, Liu Jianhong and other 12 large coffee will also be the first time delivery for the lucky viewers. Friends said, instantly feel more attached to the gas to the East, please half of entertainment taste of their own craft? When the man is really warm enough! Some people laugh, not a little tea sister meal but people love heart, keep the figure is so good…… Liu Qiangdong Tokyo live broadcast of the map of the east of相关的主题文章: