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To curb the rapid rise in coal prices of large coal enterprises to limit production policy will be relaxed or data to the Securities Times reporter Cao Zhen’s recent rapid rise in coal prices, coal power since July has reached 25% of the cumulative increase since August, coke over the average price continued to rise. September, Shanxi, Hebei, Shaanxi and other places on the focus of coal prices, or about 30 ~ 90 tons. Now the coal market is bottoming out, out of stock, and some even have to wait for a few days to pull goods. Securities Times reporter was informed that the national development and Reform Commission, bureau of energy, coal mine safety supervision bureau and coal industry association will hold a stable supply of coal, coal prices rose too fast to curb plans to start a meeting in September 8th, Shenhua, China coal, Huadian, Huaneng and other more than and 20 companies were invited to participate in the. It is hard to find a coal? Since August this year, the North Shaanxi Shenmu various coal mines have ushered in the 6 to 9 times the price. This makes in recent years has been involved in the energy economy in Northern Shaanxi, finally had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of feeling. At present, coal prices rise in the range of 90 to 110 yuan per ton. To Shenmu to pull coal traders complain that the coal prices too fast. Two days before the good price, and so on when the truck driver arrived, a ton of money and a few more. Moreover, the current situation does not accept the coal mine reservations, to pound the housing prices that prevail. The locals joked, now have to take a little faster loading. Because, the morning is not installed, the afternoon went up again." A local coal mine owner told reporters that the coal is not inventory, how much to sell. Of course, it’s good for the recovery of the local economy. According to insiders told the reporters, in coal prices soaring, some small coal mines and coal mine and without a stirring among the dry bones. Undocumented coal mine opened up more simple, completely free from all kinds of policy constraints. He said, this is also driven by interests." What caused the rapid growth of domestic coal prices and Shaanxi? The main reason is the coal industry to capacity. In August, the national development and Reform Commission Director Xu Shaoshi said, as of the end of July, coal production capacity of 2.5 tons to complete the annual task 38%. If the state continues to implement the production capacity, the supply of coal enterprises will be less. At the end of July at the national coal industry to resolve the overcapacity and turnaround development of the exchange of experience, all localities should inverted tasks, inverted schedule, to ensure that the end of November to complete the basic task; the central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises should play an exemplary role, and strive to complete the task in early November. It can be seen from here, to the production capacity policy will continue to adhere to. Huang Aijun, senior manager of the domestic coal enterprises Ping told reporters that at present, power generation, steel, building materials, chemical industry is the largest number of coal plates. This year, with the implementation of the coal industry to the production capacity, they also closed several mines group. Most of the coal mining enterprises in china. But in Henan, the coal companies and power generation companies formed a "coal mutual" policy, is to implement the protection price of coal is low when the power plant, and the high price of coal when the coal mine is not much increase. As a result, the price of coal enterprises in Henan naturally smaller than the surrounding provinces. A coal analyst says, coal enterprises with the national policy of 276 working days continuously thorough, the domestic coal production main origin not only reduced by tight supply. chart相关的主题文章: