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BAT VR started the War I start melee battle video – Sohu Technology (zhidx), the wisdom of things Yi yuan in the first half, broadcast platform heats up, reflect the special guest, Betta live APP began to rise, Iqiyi, Youku and other video sites, Sohu (hereinafter referred to as the video website) also set up a new APP and entrance into the live field; similarly, as more and more VR on-line video hardware APP and other video APP, video sites have also opened the entrance of the VR channel, Tencent, LETV is doing a full range of layout. In fact, in the beginning of wisdom things (public No.: zhidxcom) at the VR summit, we have seen for the first time outside Youku interpretation of VR layout and strategy, LETV VR responsible person also mentioned simple gameplay and ecological ideas; in fact we were also with the Tencent VR responsible person Tian Gang, Iqiyi’s head of VR Duan bridge etc. specific communication, but few have said is not ready, after half a year, which mentioned several mostly have VR strategy to push to the front, so it is time to look at the layout of the domestic video platform in VR. Seems to follow suit, but in reality otherwise. Compared to the flexibility of the start-up team, the decision of large companies will be a certain consideration. Whether it is live or VR, the emergence of these new forms means that the birth of another form of viewing and the beginning of the content iteration, the video site into the field of VR is inevitable. Just now, VR content is not standard, whether it is the start-up team, or years of video website has roots in the content areas, are in a stage of exploration. The video site to join, is blindly follow the trend, or can use their own logic for the production of chaotic content of a benchmark tree, is a topic worth exploring. In addition, the emergence of new forms and platforms will always divide the audience. Video site in this round of competition can also continue to maintain the existing users, is unknown. The development of a strategy and video website: similar we first sort out what the major domestic video website VR strategy. Iqiyi VR Iqiyi is the video site first entered the game player. In July 2015, Iqiyi launched the Iqiyi VR APP, and a plurality of VR device adapter, and positioning itself as "not only the content and hardware platform", focusing on "self + PGC" strategy. In the content, the exclusive variety show "tear custom", "one billion and three hundred million decibels" has been able to watch through APP. In addition to variety, Iqiyi will combine video and game, using the existing IP launched a series of VR games. Iqiyi made super animation "spirit domain" VR game will be on line in 2017. This year also launched more Iqiyi VR suite of products, increase the large screen IMAX locations, from the perspective of reduction and comprehensive adaptation cardboard head display device. To optimize the user experience, but also increased the night switching mode. In the content of Iqiyi also has some achievements, including the September 20th launched "Feng Jianyu shooting, the other VR".相关的主题文章: