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Lenovo released Miix 510: the more fashionable business tablet hybrid Tencent digital news (Gao Xiang) Lenovo IFA 2016 this year in the Berlin Electronics Fair is the show, Moto Z Yoga Book Hasselblad camera module, innovative hinge shaft design, are very attractive highlights. It is worth mentioning that the introduction of its business tablet Miix series has also been improved, including new hinge design, so that the overall competitiveness of the Microsoft Surface Pro closer to the series. Compared with the former, Lenovo Miix 510 design is more outstanding, unique metal hinge composed of 280 stainless steel blocks, making the bracket more stable, and can achieve a subtle multi angle adjustment. Of course, the visual effect is more outstanding. The configuration, the Lenovo Miix 510 is equipped with 12.2 inches IPS screen resolution of 1080P, the brightness of 320 nits, display effect is more outstanding. Increase the screen area, but also make it more suitable for office. In addition, it is also equipped with Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake processor, 1TBSSD solid state drive, and optional LTE connection, surf the Internet anytime, anywhere. Accessories, Lenovo Miix 510 supported pen body, designed a pen slot with an external, some slightly awkward. Keyboard cover is made of artificial leather material, more mature and advanced, and support backlight, but its keyboard is not free. Techradar simple test of the keyboard, found that although the size of the button is very suitable, but the key process is too short, may not be suitable for long typing. Lenovo Miix 510 starting price of $920 (about 6140 yuan), will be available for sale in October. Although the price is slightly higher than the previous product, but its design, configuration and accessories are fully upgraded, it is understandable, and the price is much cheaper than the Surface Pro 4. Source: techradar life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章: