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Leslie Jones’s website was hacked by Hilary – Leslie – vocal support Sohu Jones entertainment website was hacked by Hilary vocal support   Sohu entertainment news (text ah packet) – Jones Leslie (Leslie Jones) once again suffered a network of violence, her personal website has been hacked. Hackers Leslie – Jones’s private information hanging on the website JustLeslie, including her passport, driver’s license and even stole the apple iCloud private photos. Now her website has been shut down, has not released any statement. Leslie Jones’s "Saturday night live" (Saturday Night Live) a member of the new version of "Ghostbusters" (Ghostbusters) starring one of the. Leslie Jones suffered a violent attack network attracted a lot of attention of celebrities, singers, actors, comedians peers stand behind Leslie, called for a halt to the network violence, reject racial discrimination. Hilary, President of the United States presidential candidate, on twitter, supported Leslie – and she wrote: "no one should be treated like this, not to mention that you have brought us a lot of happiness, and I am with you in." This is not Leslie Jones for the first time facing network abuse, in July this year, she starred in the female version of "Ghostbusters" and received a lot of criticism of the attack, there are people dedicated to high imitation of her own account to spread malicious message, causing her directly in July 18th announced its withdrawal from twitter, "I am very sad decision from twitter, source of all the attacks just because I acted in a movie, you can hate this movie, but now the situation is out of control…" "Ghostbusters" producer Paul Figg (Paul Feig) wrote on Twitter: "in Leslie Jones. Just let people out of anger, regardless of whether you are" extreme white supremacist "and" black "and" spray "or so-called" comedy ", you are so sad."相关的主题文章: