How to cooperate with doctors to diagnose premature ejaculation 高达08ms小队

The diagnosis is based on how patients doctors with the correct diagnosis of maternal premature ejaculation premature ejaculation – Sohu statement of history, detailed history is fundamental to the diagnosis and treatment of premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation diagnosis by complete history came out. Any patient with rapid ejaculation should be able to provide detailed medical history to the doctor. From the history of premature ejaculation can be simply divided into two types of primary premature ejaculation and secondary premature ejaculation. Primary premature ejaculation refers to the patient from the beginning of sexual experience has been the problem of premature ejaculation, and secondary premature ejaculation refers to the patient had had a successful sexual experience. In general, secondary premature ejaculation is easier to find and treat, and has a better prognosis. What are the key points to pay for a doctor’s medical history? The content should include the specific external environment and course of the length of time, frequency of occurrence of premature ejaculation premature ejaculation occurs when the stimulus intensity, prone to premature ejaculation even particular sexual partners, as well as for the influence of premature ejaculation sexual behavior, these are the focus of history. In addition, their general health status is also required to provide content. Let the doctor know yourself is apt to cause or cause premature ejaculation disease, such as coronary heart disease, patients may because of fear of excessive stimulation can cause myocardial infarction, and premature ejaculation, premature ejaculation this problem often in myocardial infarction after treatment will recover naturally. To provide some patients with normal sexual life, including masturbation, sexual intercourse between foreplay and sexual partner relationship and interaction, as well as their relationships, work environment, to be assessed respectively. For patients with primary premature ejaculation, we should pay special attention to their family history and the history of growth, the growth of the early childhood background as well as the trauma has been affected by the impact of adult life. For patients with secondary premature ejaculation, it is necessary to pay special attention to identify the disease is premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, of course, there are many patients with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Physical examination and laboratory examination are not as important as the diagnosis of premature ejaculation. In the physical examination and laboratory examination, the results are usually normal. Nevertheless, the simple genital examination is very necessary, if in addition to performance as well as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, should be carried out in accordance with the necessary examination of erectile dysfunction, such as sex hormone examination, electromyography and penile vascular examination, in order to find the exact cause of erectile dysfunction, the the treatment. Many patients with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction coexist, once erectile dysfunction is effectively treated, the patient to maintain the confidence and ability to build up, premature ejaculation problems will be solved. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive breeding, pregnancy, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of infertility and other aspects of information to help you achieve the dream of breeding as soon as possible! Attention: micro signal: bjtlbyby2 (public number search "bjtlbyby2" long press copy).相关的主题文章: