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The reliable dad even let the children watch TV is hard, the truth behind the Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual many parents said, children addicted to online games, TV series, skipped school, is really a headache problem, is not to let go, the more is to want to go. Even if the coercive measures taken to drag the child to school, but also in the heart of Cao in the han. In the end how to do it? Xiao Bian also had such a rebellious childhood. But have to outsiders "not reliable dad", that makes me the one on the right track deviant behavior. Remember that time hit TV series "romance in the rain", at that time, unlike the current condition, can see at any time on the internet. Every day after school, after dinner, I hide in their own small room from 8 to see the evening of 11 points, do not look at the dead do not sleep. As a result of excessive stay up late to affect learning, out of my responsible attitude, the teacher called to tell his father, let him control my schedule. Back home my father called me over to talk, originally prepared for a storm I head, waiting for him to be furious. His father did not expect a benign countenance to say: "I heard that you recently always sleep in class, homework is not finished, is it true?" I nodded my head. "Well, it doesn’t matter, since you are really tired, sleep well, tomorrow morning self-study will not go, and I will talk to the teacher. A day and a daze, as of the last lesson in fine fig". I thought father and I joke, did not think the father then said a word, so I still remember: as long as a person of interest in learning, even more than others to pay less time, there will be the same effect. And if there is no interest, even if the effort to pay more than 100 times more than others, it will not have the same effect. Not only that, but to my surprise, the second day, my father called me in the past, give me a large disc. It is "romance in the rain", the set of discs. I thought my father did not know that I’m hiding in my room and what he had to. With a CD, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the feeling of dense willow trees and bright flowers. I touched the poster outside the CD, as if in the mood of Liuhe. It was my father, and I gave my father a big hug. "Don’t be too excited ah," father, I make a look toward the mysterious. "Give you a task, two weeks must read, and to look at the side while taking notes, all the idioms inside out, and then make a sentence every day for me to see". Do not say a sentence, is to write a composition I would like to, ah, I am pleased to nod: small! See the final discovery, I actually accumulated more than 2 thousand idioms, and many of them are textbooks can not learn, which was a huge figure for me at that time. It was my happiest day, not one of them. Moreover, not only did not affect my academic performance, watching TV, and my language result even by the original相关的主题文章: