The birth of two emperor penguins in Zhuhai, the record of the lowest latitude in Asia 瀬名アスカ

Two emperor penguin was born in Zhuhai broke the Asian record low latitude incubation (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Zhuhai, September 14, (Deng Yuanwen Chen Yanru) the lowest latitude Asia born emperor penguins in Guangdong on 14 Zhuhai debut, according to Changlong ocean Kingdom pneumatic tube department director Li Zhanwei said that at present the healthy growth of two baby penguins work in the breeding base personnel 24 hours under the care of. The birth of the lowest latitude in Asia, the emperor penguins 14, Li Zhanwei, Zhuhai, unveiled the photo revealed that the long sea Kingdom has more than 350 penguins in the world, said Dr. Liu Ke. One of the largest, most plump body to the emperor penguins. After the adaptation of more than two years, recently the emperor penguin produced 8 pieces of penguin eggs, a record of emperor penguins lay their eggs in the lowest latitude record in asia. The first emperor penguin eggs in the June 1 Nissan, after a period of 68 days of incubation, in August 7th, the emperor penguin eggs in the small emperor penguins began exploratory shell. Li Zhanwei told reporters: "in the afternoon of August 10th, the staff were assisted peeling treatment on emperor penguin eggs; 11 am, hardy chicks hatched successfully." According to Li Zhanwei, the first emperor penguin baby was born only 250 grams of weight, and now just a full moon, the weight has grown to about 1.5 kg, weight gain of up to 6 times. The adult male emperor penguins can reach 35 kg body weight, female emperor penguins have a weight of about 30 kg. The two penguins baby work in the breeding base personnel 24 hours under the care of the healthy growth of the two Liu Ke photo, after the birth of emperor penguin baby is still failed to distinguish gender, emperor penguin baby food is digested half mother emperor penguin spit out from the stomach of the fish, chicks fed 4 to 8 times a day. To the baby a month and a half, emperor penguin mother will take the baby out of the show, has been fed to four or five months old, little emperor penguins learn to eat, only to start living independently. In order to ensure that the emperor penguin and its mother’s health, Changlong ocean kingdom for the emperor penguin to formulate a series of "mother food supply", and is divided into three classes on the mother and baby penguins were all day long 24 hours. Data show that emperor penguins in the IUCN Red List as a near danger. In recent years, because of the effects of global warming, the emperor penguin habitat is facing a serious threat, the existing number reduced to only one hundred thousand. According to reports, the two emperor penguin baby will be officially met with tourists during the National Day in October 1st. (end)相关的主题文章: