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FBI received a report investigating the US Democratic Party "false documents" according to the Xinhua news agency from the U.S. presidential election less than a week, in addition to worship around the ticket, to make the final candidates Donald Trump and Hilary · · Clinton, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) has become the focus of attention. Reuters reported on 4, FBI received a report, is investigating a number of allegedly forged democratic election documents. The Democratic Party spokesman said, "these false documents" is someone who wants to take advantage of WikiLeaks, constantly broke the machine "fish in troubled waters", to discredit the Democratic party. Suspected to discredit Hilary American Democratic Senator Tom · Carper is a member of the Senate Committee on homeland security. Reuters quoted sources as saying that Carper submitted a false document to FBI for investigation. This document is a letter addressed to Hilary, who is believed to have been forged. A saw the letter source said, Carper’s letter letter modeled on the style, and his name, wrote: "we will not let you lose the election." A FBI spokesman confirmed that FBI had indeed received allegations of alleged fraud in the election. Sources said that FBI and other U.S. intelligence agencies in recent weeks to obtain a number of allegedly forged documents, Carper submitted this letter is one of them. Another source said, FBI also received a 7 page electronic document, which has a democratic poll of the "strategic group" and the Clinton foundation. The document said polls show Hilary’s support rate plummeted, put forward "for November (election) strategic reform" serious, "suggested instigated civil unrest with radioactive particles", "dirty bomb" attacks to disrupt the election. In October 20th, Trump served as the assistant senior Republican election expert Roger · Stone on social media twitter on the issue of this electronic file, and marked: "if this is true: my god!!" The Clinton foundation spokesman Craig · Xi’an, Mina Hilary campaign spokesman Glen Kapplin said the · electronic document is fake. Caplin said, these false documents by Wikileaks exposure machine is a mail, "desperation trick". It is not clear where Carper’s letter and the source of this electronic document, and how it began to be spread. FBI investigators have also asked Democratic officials to produce a number of documents allegedly forged. Allegedly these "fake documents previously mixed in mail within the Democratic Party and the" true file "is forwarded, circulated. Obama anpi FBI director on 28 March, FBI sent a letter to congressional leaders, announced the resumption of investigation of Hilary "mail door", caused controversy and discussion. The controversy is that the US Justice Department has long been a practice that does not encourage an investigation that could be seen as affecting the electoral process before the election. The topic of public opinion is the extent to which the intelligence agencies and the judiciary should.相关的主题文章: