Dongfeng popular SX6 number of new cars listed for sale 6.99-10.29 million 女f4

Dongfeng popular SX6 variety of new car market sold 6.99-10.29 million Chengdu auto show car [] the September 2nd Chengdu auto show, Dongfeng popular SX6 2+3+2 seven edition and five edition models officially listed, the new car offers seven and five two versions of 9 configuration models, priced at 6.99-10.29 yuan. Dongfeng popular new models SX6 guidance price models price (yuan) 1.6L 5MT standard (containing seven 2+3+2 and five 5MT Elite Edition) 6.991.6L (containing seven 2+3+2 and five 7.491.6L 5MT Deluxe Edition) (containing seven 2+3+2 and five 7.891.6L Edition) 5MT exclusive type (including 2+3+2 seven a five seat version) 8.491.6L CVT elite (containing seven 2+3+2 and five 8.591.6L CVT Deluxe Edition) (containing seven 2+3+2 and five 9.091.6L Edition) CVT exclusive type (containing seven 2+3+2 and five 10.292.0L 5MT (Deluxe Edition) containing 2+3+2 seven and five Edition) 8.592.0L 5MT exclusive type (including 2+3+2 seven and five Edition) 9.19 of the listed models consistent with current remained in the sale of popular SX6 in the appearance and interior, which changes the seven version of the model in the main seat layout, the new car uses a new 2+3+2 type seat arrangement, Compared to the current seven models 2+2+3 different layout. Configuration, the new car will be the whole system comes standard with ESP electronic vehicle stability system, according to the different level of configuration equipped with a panoramic image, tire pressure monitoring, second rows of air outlet, 8 inch LCD screen. Power, two new cars continue to be equipped with 1.6L and 2.0L engine, its maximum power of 122 horsepower and a total of 147 horsepower, peak torque of, respectively, for cattle · m and 200 cattle ·. The transmission system is matched with a 5 speed manual and a CVT gearbox.相关的主题文章: