Two years after the birth of the baby is very unexpected child, critically ill pregnancy! Sohu – jcuv是什么车

Two years after the birth of the baby is very unexpected child, critically ill pregnancy! Sohu "second maternal hot" is at the time, but for Ah Mui from Heyuan (a pseudonym), her second trip is very dangerous. Pregnant with triplets do not say, also belong to the critically ill pregnancy, three children is like a "time bomb strapped to his body". The local hospital abortion is second Ah Mui recommend early pregnancy, two years ago in a local hospital caesarean baby. Who knows the first cesarean section not to two years, and unexpected pregnancy, and pregnancy or triplets. The local hospital that she is three and uterine scar pregnancy, refused to continue to provide care for her, advised the couple as early as possible termination of pregnancy induced abortion. Ah Mui couples do not want to give up, to find a way in multiple pregnancy has experienced director of Obstetrics, the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University Gao Yu, and in 12 weeks of pregnancy to determine the nature of multiple births to single three fetal chorion. The worry is that this kind of monochorionic monoamnionic three pregnancies (M C T A) is extremely critical of pregnancy, the occurrence rate of only 1/10000, and three fetal genes have been consistent, perinatal mortality rate as high as 50%. With the patients of scar uterus, uterus is very sensitive to fetal reduction, uterine rupture risk threatening the safety of ah mui. Being called "a time bomb strapped to his body after careful monitoring in Zhongshan after six weeks of gestation, Ah Mui successfully achieve the ideal 33 weeks of pregnancy, and the emergence of hypertension on the eve of pregnancy in pregnant women, timely termination of pregnancy. This week is the best time to choose between fetal and uterine rupture. The day before, Ah Mui cesarean birth to three baby boys, both healthy and lively. Birth weight of 3 pounds, the maximum of up to $4, another 3.7 pounds. Gao Yu said, "single birth" is the normal mode of human reproduction, which is the best for the baby’s growth and development and maternal nutrition support. Gao Yu said, pregnant with triplets, but "time bomb" strapped to his body to describe is not excessive. How to avoid these risks? Gao Yu reminder, in addition to the appropriate to strengthen nutrition, pregnant mothers must pay more attention to pregnancy examination, including blood H C G and urine routine examination, B ultrasound, diabetes screening. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: