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Since the new round of debt to equity swap imminent industry believes that the strength or super expected – reporter Wang Jiao in mid August, the State Council expressed support between the real economy enterprises have the potential for the development of debt to equity, debt ministries research guidance on the horizon, debt China Steel Group, Bohai iron and steel group came one after another…… There are indications that a new round of debt is imminent. Analysts pointed out that, to promote the safe and orderly debt, will undoubtedly help enterprises reduce financial leverage, improve financing ability, thereby reducing the risk of financial market risk and credit default, and accelerate the industry consolidation process and the reform of state-owned enterprises overcapacity in the process. However, the debt restructuring facing demands of the different subjects of the game, the market program rules of debt still large uncertainties, the successful implementation of debt to equity swap with a series of conditions required. If in August 22nd the State Council issued the "asymptotic reduction scheme", the real economy cost of enterprise work, clearly supports between the real economy enterprises have the potential for the development of debt to equity, again lead the market for debt concerns. Another source said, in the national development and Reform Commission, the central bank, the Ministry of finance, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other ministries repeatedly discussed after the debt guidance is expected to be issued before the end of. The latest plan to cancel the debt on a pilot scale, one policy, a discussion of a matter". For the debt of the debt to the bank loans, bonds are incorporated by the parties negotiated autonomy. At the same time, zombie companies, to taofeizhai enterprises, may exacerbate overcapacity enterprises, are excluded from this round of debt to equity swaps. Since then, a debt of nearly 100 billion yuan, Sinosteel debt of nearly 200 billion yuan of Bohai iron and steel group debt came one after another. Although the program has not yet been finalized, but it seems in the industry, to further accelerate the process of debt or. In August 6th, the CBRC will be "on the steel and coal industry to resolve the overcapacity in a number of opinions" financial debts disposal advice, which support a triggering hot market to carry out market debt of steel coal enterprises. After a number of areas have also been in the supply side reform documents mentioned in the market debt, such as the Henan provincial government at the beginning of August issued "on the development of provincial state-owned enterprises of mixed ownership economy views" clearly pointed out that to promote the state-owned financial institutions will be coal, iron and steel enterprises debt into equity". The industry believes that, from a series of recent events, debt to equity and promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises of the rhythm and intensity may exceed market expectations. The debt that one policy, "a discussion of a matter and market pricing, China reflects the capital market more market-oriented. Favorable drop lever control risk market participants pointed out that the current point of view, this round of debt will be market-oriented, with PPP AMC as the local fund industry, the implementation of the main body, is expected to choose mostly industry leading enterprises or local leading enterprises. The swaps will help reduce the debt burden of enterprises, is conducive to the recovery of refinancing to step back from the dead, and thus help to reduce the market risk and the credit risk of the financial system. The main purpose of the introduction of this policy or through some differentiation;相关的主题文章: