Afghan girl admits fake identity will be released back to Afghanistan remonstrate

"Afghan girl" that forged identity will be released back to Afghanistan Afghan refugee girl Shar Bart · Gura had in the last century in 80s on the U.S. "National Geographic" magazine cover and shake countless readers Afghan refugee girl Shar Bart · Gula, on suspicion of forgery of identity in the border city of Peshawar arrested in Pakistan. The 4 lawyers told the CNN that Gura has admitted forged identity documents, illegal charges in Pakistan, she was sentenced to 110 thousand Pakistan rupees ($1050) in fines and imprisonment for 15 days. At the same time, a Pakistan court ruled the day, released from prison after Caligula would be sent back to afghanistan. The 7 day was released back to Afghanistan, the Agence France-Presse reported that the more than and 40 year old goura is the mother of 4 children. She told reporters that her husband died a few years ago. Gura lawyer Mumba Hill · Nazar said that the party had hepatitis C, taking into account the given condition, the court made the decision. "Has spent 11 days in prison goulas." Nazar said that this means that she will be released as early as 7, we have asked the court to release her from humanitarian." The Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Consul General of Peshawar Nassim · Kaka generation confirmed the news will be released goulas. "We respect the law of Pakistan, was sentenced to a fine Gula have all paid." "On the 7 day, we’ll take her back to Afghanistan," she said." Gura children will go home together with her". The 1985 issue of the National Geographic magazine, which is a cover for the identification of refugees as "Afghan girls", has now become a classic. This picture is a cover shoot at a refugee camp in Northwest Pakistan girl gura. The photo shoot, Goula was only 12 years old. The photos in her green eyes seemed to have a keen insight into matters impressive. 30 years after the re Gula by the media attention, but because she was arrested. According to the Agence France-Presse that arrest action from Pakistan Gura forged identity two-year inventory of refugees. In April 2014, Sarah Gura Bart · Bibi’s name for the Pakistan identity card in Peshawar. Shortly after obtaining a fake ID, Pakistan investigators began to investigate her, and arrested him on the 26 day of this month. Afghan refugees were put pressure on the international organization for migration said Gula arrested reflects a sign: put pressure on Pakistan to the growing number of Afghan refugees, forcing it to return to afghanistan. According to UNHCR statistics released last month, is currently registered in Pakistan Afghan refugees reached 1 million 400 thousand, and another 1 million people with non registered refugees living in Pakistan. This year, more than 350 thousand Afghan refugees living in Pakistan have returned home, including registered and non registered refugees, expected to reach the end of 450 thousand. "Refugees returning to Afghanistan have joined the ranks of displaced refugees in the country and are struggling to survive in afghanistan." An international human rights group said in a statement. Liu Xi (Xinhua special feature)相关的主题文章: