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"Author film Deadpool" comic interpretation of female man " angel " time reported according to U.S. media reports, Paramount Pictures bought a movie called "avenging angel" (Avengelyne) cartoon film, comic book by author Rob Liefeld "Deadpool", tells the story of a lord exile the story of female angel to protect humanity from the demon invasion of the world. The film will be "I am legend" and "Smith" and "Poseidon" producer Akiva · featuring Godsman, and is also served as a director. Avengelyne is a super Fighting Angel, who broke the gates of hell (Pandemonium). However, due to the question of God’s love for humanity, exiled to the world. Avengelyne uses his super powers to continue to fight against the devil in the world and is regarded as the Savior of the Bible (Armageddon). · Rob Liefeld and Akiva confirmed on twitter; gausman to jointly develop the film a few years ago, Rob Liefeld has publicly revealed that he is preparing for the movie star Gina will hit calano starring ·. Liefeld said the reason why the comic can be loved, mainly in the process of self redemption of the fallen angels resonate with the audience. For Avengelyne, the world is a strange place, she must integrate into human society as soon as possible, but also made a lot of jokes. Thanks to Gina · she has been in the "" Deadpool play a corner dust angel, so Avengelyne will be played by other people, the specific candidates are unknown.相关的主题文章: