Big data coming out of the new deal 10 shares are about to burst

Big data deal baked countdown 10 shares will erupt the big data industry "13th Five-Year" plan is expected to be released during the year reporters yesterday from the Ministry of information industry and was informed that the "big data industry" 13th Five-Year "development plan" has to seek expert advice, and concentrated discussion and revision, is expected to be released in the year. It is understood that the "planning" as the lead DT (data processing) guidance documents of the era, including promoting the application of big data in industrial R & D, manufacturing industry chain, the whole process of each link, the service sector to support the use of big data to build brand, precision marketing and custom service. This means that big data can be with the industry, services and other industries N ‘plus’, the formation of’ big data +’." Industry experts say. Run Science (Group) Company co-founder, said big data East Lake Trading Center General Manager Du Xiaojun Shanghai securities news, the big data industry most imagination lies in all kinds of data collection assets in different industries together to create new value. "13th Five-Year" period, big data will become one of the most valuable social resources are. Nine large data founder Wang Sanshou believes that this information is king in period of economic development, innovation and change data wherever inevitably trigger the whole industry chain. Who use big data thinking, who can win the initiative to win the opportunity to occupy the commanding heights of development. Big data is the most authoritative and scientific basis to open the future channel. Aggregation of data and data, the value of the burst out or will activate trillion output value. Reporters from the big data center in East Lake to see the case also shows that the data trading industry Unicom has split the original data source to facilitate the exchange of information and data sharing, for the user to create considerable value. For example, a high-end mineral water sales agents to spend nearly one hundred thousand yuan to purchase the high-end residential basic data, because of the implementation of precision marketing these necessary data; a real estate company to purchase the existing national stock number and villa construction, to help improve its marketing decision; a training organization for accurate delivery of training of the University Post Bar advertising purchase data and so on. Du Xiaojun believes that big data assets are different from the ordinary block data or data assets. Big data is the core of the association, there is no association will not generate new data assets, big data will lose the basic value. So, big data assets, cash circulation transactions, should be, big data applications based on open data resources, and produce different circulation association, these applications are listed as data products and services, eventually become a commodity in the market by users, the time to put these big data assets really brought the transaction, so as to realize the market value to asset securitization. This process is precisely the infinite charm of this industry, but also in the next five years, we should grasp the big data industry investment opportunities." Du Xiaojun said. In 2016, China’s big data trading industry white paper data show that China’s big data industry market in the next five years, will continue to maintain rapid growth. Expected by the end of 2016, the market size will reach 248 billion 500 million yuan. With the implementation of policies to promote and implement, by 2020, china.相关的主题文章: