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British pension Transformation: not the same pen, stables, barns and Trailer – Sohu have a pension in the English countryside, formed by the original houses or cottage renovation, provide self-service family holiday for the guests, there is no detailed hotel on call service, only their own pleasure to have ample food and clothing. Here can really experience the pure country life. A self-service cabin, the transformation of the pigsty this small house has a long history, was built in 1860 (as when playing the second Opium War), originally just 3 pigs "home", is now becoming the transformation of a new house. The exterior walls are retained within the wall, all painted white or preserved stone texture. Regardless of the door panels, cabinets, velvet sofa, chairs are painted blue border, became the main color room decoration. The bedroom sheets using gray pink metope soften rough plank, stone hard feeling. The yard for guests and BBQ wood, and a stone slab with inverted flowerpot is an outdoor table. The self-service hut self-service cabin two, travel trailers transformed this quite western style, is located in the south of England Cornwall, with an abandoned box travel trailer into inside the wood burning fireplace and modern heating facilities, 2 bedrooms, two North South garden. The self-service cabin three, the stable transformation of the seventeenth Century stable in the past is also used to put four carriage, the owner has painted the romantic pink, a building as a deli workshop layout method of rural loft above the style room, apart from the bathroom all open layout, with an unusual holiday experience for the guest. Four, barns buffet holiday house stripped of old wooden floor, clean the wall, placed in the middle of the room fire, the walls are covered with the farm machinery, presents the original beautiful appearance.                                 相关的主题文章: