Can do! Give me a rubber band and give you a little V face (video) sopor aeternus

Can do! Give me a rubber band, but also a small V you do not dare to cut short hair? Because face. Do not dare to vote in the male hair tied up? Because face. They say all but destroyed a fat, is likely to face all destroyed! Recently, the neon has developed a new technology, known as two rubber bands can instantly thin face down! For this, is used to a hair band! It only takes 10 minutes to tie to the ear…… To make sure your ears are tight, if the rubber band is too big it need to adjust. Take a look at the effect of before and after, although not too obvious, but can be seen on the face line, the face is really a little bit. The expert explained this way is for the big masseter stretched lead. If the masseter overstrained, will lead to deviation from the jaw in situ, by stimulating the ear muscles (masseter) indirect masseter muscle relax, jaw after natural restoration, facial vision will be smaller! One more word, the principle of this way and a face lift of the needle like, needle lift and needle is composed of botulinum toxin, which is affected by the principle of lean muscle and nerve connections, so too developed masseter muscle tension, thereby improving the mandibular curve, of course if you just face meat too much, with one day, the rubber band is of no use! (on your blackboard) is not overly tight masseter muscle hypertrophy, you can also test, his lips, as hard as you can bite your teeth, touch the teeth near the cheeks with both hands. If the cheeks on both sides of the emergence of big hard processes, belong to the masseter muscle hypertrophy, then use a rubber band Le Le ears will still have the effect. Nitrogen! If you are a swollen face or even a pure meat face, no matter how you use the rubber band is not effective! Each big face is to have a corresponding measure to a little bit thin down. If you don’t know what is the weight of water or fleshy face, can do a simple judgment, in the early time with finger pressing a face of meat in many places, see is not press down there is a obvious depression, if the depression recovery is relatively slow, it is face edema but, if it is fat face, press the skin will soon restore the surface of the skin without depression or pit shape. If you find yourself with a swollen face, then congratulations, your face is also easy to thin down. First you need to improve their way of life, the most common causes of edema or poor circulation metabolism, such as bedtime drink plenty of water, sedentary, sleeping posture is not correct, staying up late and born with physical metabolism is poor, resulting in excess water to drain out, water retention in the body, and even flow back into the skin, will produce a swelling of the phenomenon of expansion. In addition, you can use some massage to help the face drainage: here is to note: 1! Set! No To! Hand massage, it will cause pull the skin from a round into oval face can The loss outweighs the gain.. There are a lot of massage products, a condition of the students can buy special massage cream, like POLA red BA massage cream, massage can help relieve muscle stiffness due to the pressure of good blood circulation, often give yourself a massage face for the girl at home. If you do not want to hand massage girls can be large相关的主题文章: