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Can hold more wild TopTest will test the SUV car – page first: Guangzhou Honda automobile Sohu crown road as a test class column, a few months before the TopTest has brought a lot of hot new depth test report for everyone, I believe that many of my friends have gone through these test articles to find favorite models. As always adhering to the data speak of the test team, after which we will continue to bring us all kinds of new car test, today we are going to talk about the recent test of the popular new SUV. As the hottest domestic market models, SUV has been with a wide range of space and a wide range of adaptability to get everyone’s favor. And we are about to test these SUV they are considered to be the respective market segments of the star models. In addition to the joint venture models, there are some tall luxury SUV, I believe we can not wait to see who is it? The Guangzhou Honda crown road – time to market is expected in the fourth quarter: – the price range: unpublished models – level: medium SUV models comment Guangzhou Honda Honda to enter the crown as a medium-sized SUV market vanguard, in the design to become an independent school. Do not want to sit more, just to sit in the cockpit layout idea is good at the same level of the market is full of personality. In addition, the new powertrain and chassis tuning will also be our focus on the project during the test. (Editor: Li Kaiyu)相关的主题文章: