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Cheated money back? Police cooperation to deal with the telecommunications network fraud – Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September – 23 Title: cheated money can be recovered? Silver – police cooperation to deal with the telecommunications network fraud Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter for the outstanding problems of telecommunications network fraud involving the timely return of funds to the CBRC, the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "telecommunications network model of criminal cases of freezing of funds return several provisions", a high degree of social concern, expected. In fact, no matter how to retrofit the telecommunications network fraud, fraudsters to succeed, "cash flow" is a key ring. Xinhua viewpoint reporter survey found that, at present, from the central to the local public security departments and banks, strengthen cooperation, three links in early warning, rapid freezing, timely return to establish a joint working mechanism, and strive to minimize the loss of the victim. Warning: big data integration to improve fraud interception rate at the end of August, March test run, July officially inaugurated in Shanghai anti fraud telecommunications network center platform, has been through the telephone, SMS, flash letters and other ways to dissuade potential victims more than 3.5 people, fake public security class telecommunications network fraud crime and the value fell 47.7%, 35.1%. To achieve accurate prevention in advance, in a timely manner to discourage a big magic weapon is a big data platform. It is understood that the platform through a joint public security, social resources database, realize the comprehensive sharing of PB data, and the implementation of integrated operation, full range, to promote the telecommunications network fraud related information flow integration overlay, providing massive data support for operation. Relying on big data, deal with the telecommunications network fraud warning line is further forward. It is understood that although banks have generally increased the training of frontline staff, but the difficulty of screening remittance fraud telecommunications network is still not small, especially for banks to increase the counter channel blocking efforts, self-service channels become the hardest hit by the transfer of telecommunications network fraud. Banks use big data, in advance of the account fraud risk audit is particularly important. The reporter understands, ICBC, China Construction Bank and other commercial banks to enable large data telecommunications network fraud prevention, strengthen police cooperation silver, all kinds of risk customer data integration, the public security departments, and provide the front-line employees of financial industry, establish the risk list, once detected the customer to telecommunications fraud blacklist account remittance, immediately triggering warning, automatic interception. The effect of external fraud risk information system of police cooperation to jointly build a silver, relied on counter manual screening, telecommunications fraud interception rate is not high; now with the help of the system, as long as the blacklist library accounts, basic can intercept." ICBC external fraud risk management director Ma Xudong introduction. Data show that as of the end of August, ICBC using external information system risk of fraud cumulative interception of telecommunications fraud remittances more than 10 pen, to avoid the economic loss of 1 billion 460 million yuan for customers, including more than one million yuan remittance to intercept 35 pen, the largest single amount of more than 381 yuan interception. As a comprehensive check of telecommunications network fraud remittance, banks have also strengthened the)相关的主题文章: