China Insurance Regulatory Commission the use of the Internet to enhance the satisfaction of consume pullip

CIRC: the use of the Internet provided insurance consumers’ satisfaction promote insurance claims upgrade – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing August 26th news (reporter He Yuxin) Chinese China Insurance Regulatory Commission official said 26, the insurance industry should use the Internet to improve the automobile consumer satisfaction, promote the upgrading of auto insurance claims. CIRC relevant responsible person in the host China Insurance Association "era of the Internet auto insurance claims" the seminar said that auto insurance claims to "governance, enhance the service quality of auto insurance claims, the CIRC has been unremitting focus in recent years. In recent years, more and more insurance companies rely on the Internet technology, effectively improve the satisfaction of auto insurance claims. For example, some insurance companies are widely used by the intelligent mobile phone, using WeChat, APP and other information tools, to achieve a one-stop online service accident location, information query, self presentation, comments and other services, greatly shorten the waiting time of customer claims, improve customer service claims experience. The responsible person said, the insurance industry should rely on big data and the Internet, fully meet the personalized needs of insurance claims service, consumer Internet era at the same time, the identification of more efficient risk assessment and fraud, and constantly improve the risk of claims before, during and after the comprehensive prevention and control system. The responsible person said, the insurance industry should give full play to their own big data accumulation and analysis of the advantages, to the relevant departments and the public to provide the whole vehicle accessories than zero "labor standards" and "second-hand car claims records" and "corporate integrity" maintenance record "vehicles and accessories risk probability analysis" and "vehicle risk map" the information and reports, provide insurance based comprehensive and diversified service system for automotive consumers.相关的主题文章: