Chinese mobile phone changes (three) Farewell copycat domestic mobile phone is disruptive innovation actv

Chinese mobile phone changes (three): Farewell "copycat" domestic mobile phone is "disruptive innovation" change has occurred in. If in the era of mobile Internet and smart mobile phone, the biggest change in the global mobile phone industry is NOKIA itself that sold to Microsoft, apple won the most profit by iPhone, then the changes of Chinese mobile phone company in these years, it is difficult to use a word to speak clearly. From the initial China cool joint to two years ago, millet and then HUAWEI OPPO, vivo, each company had unlimited scenery, will inadvertently fall to the bottom. Products, channels, advertising, marketing, capital, which is the most important factor in the change of the mobile phone companies around the four factors, but also we analyze the point of view. Tencent science and technology for four consecutive days to launch the analysis of the article, the depth analysis of the domestic mobile phone industry drastic changes. The following is a big change China mobile phone third series reports: "copycat" farewell to the domestic mobile phone is "disruptive innovation". Science and technology Tencent, BU Xiang charge 5 minutes, call for 2 hours, which is the OPPO mobile phone company launched the flagship product R7 advertising language, although there is no consumer will verify its authenticity. This represents an approach to domestic mobile phones, to find the real needs of Chinese consumers, with the function to meet it, and finally say it out loud. "R7 series of sales of 15 million units, found that users purchase the visit, 20% of users will VOOC flash charge as the first element to buy OPPO mobile phone." OPPO mobile phone company issued to Tencent science and technology information. After the R7 series, OPPO launched this year R9 series, continue to play slogans. March 24th officially on sale, the total sales reached 180 thousand units, 3 months sales reached 7 million units. This is a record of domestic intelligent mobile phone number, more than the original HUAWEI Mate7 tough. The second half of 2014, HUAWEI launched a large screen, long life as a selling point, and there is an independent chip Mate7 phone, generally out of stock, a premium of 1000 yuan. Nevertheless, this product reached 7 million units sold for at least 8 months. In the intelligent mobile phone is the first definition of Apple Corp, Samsung, HTC, LG these early Android mobile phone camp international companies are almost the global product introduction and Chinese wholly intact, domestic companies in the process of seeking the product difference reached 7 million sales as a reward. It is from the beginning of 2014, gradually rising, the market share of domestic mobile phone leveraging pattern, and finally in 2015, HUAWEI completed the transcendence of Samsung, apple, achievements of the domestic market share of the first. According to the latest data from IDC and Gartner and other market research institutions in August, OPPO’s share in the global market has gone beyond millet, ranked fourth in the ranks of HUAWEI, and in the Chinese market, OPPO and vivo are divided into two or three. Market research firm Counterpoint Research released in 2016 May, the domestic intelligent mobile phone sales data show that in May apple iPhone market share of 10.8% in China, fell 1.2%, ranked fifth, Samsung has been squeezed out!相关的主题文章: