[comment] congratulations on the impromptu network security law through the detailed rules for the i tom365.com

[comment] congratulations on the impromptu "network security law" through the detailed rules for the implementation of Sohu technology ICANN Hyderabad Conference – a fifth day meeting, to continue to wildly beating gongs and drums. Will spread before the news, "network security law" passed in Congress no suspense. November 7th this day, so will enter history. Of course, around the law, the real effort in the follow-up of the supporting laws and regulations and the implementation details. The devil is in the details! Because this law touches the interests of stakeholders may be unprecedented, so the mentality of the parties will be greatly different. However, whether it is cheering, opposed, worried, and now you can relax a little, began to work on the next step of the implementation details. How to make the law play a positive role in the largest, can not only has long plagued the country, society and individual enterprises, different levels of security issues, with immediate effect, the possibility to meet strong Internet innovation and change, to ensure profitable Internet industry and healthy development of the network space to continue. "Network security law" is called the network space law, is the first country to determine the basic regulation of network system, especially the first to systematically define the rights and boundaries of government, enterprises and individuals of all parties. Therefore, it is of great significance, how can not be overestimated. Chinese launched the "network security law" is the inevitable result of the development of the situation and needs of the competent department of the government network, decision making and governance at home and abroad, the Internet business activities, ordinary people’s network life will have a positive and far-reaching impact. Internet Governance from the "law", to strengthen the Internet governance, maintaining China’s cyberspace order, safeguard national security, construction of network power will play a great role in promoting, have milepost significance. A new phase has been opened, let us positive, optimistic look forward! Attachment: [6] of the network security law] according to the NPC Standing Committee, deputy director of the economic law office of Yang Heqing, the People’s Republic of China Network Security Act will be implemented on June 1, 2017. Network security contains seven chapters 79, and summarized the highlights six aspects: clear the principle of sovereignty in cyberspace; security obligations clear network products and service providers; security obligations clear network operators; improve personal information protection rules; the establishment of critical information infrastructure security protection system; establish the critical information infrastructure important data the rules of cross-border transmission of · END · WeChat number: takes the observation to articles recommendation相关的主题文章: