Commission feedback touched the pain of a number of companies restructuring program major adjustment

Feedback from the Commission hit the pain point more than the company restructuring plan "major adjustments" – Sohu securities this year, there are about eight mergers and acquisitions of Listed Companies in the case after receiving feedback from the Commission, due to "major adjustments" and had to start again. From the "restructuring cases melted down the big change", "intends to change the underlying asset" is caused by the listed companies, "the main reason for major adjustments". This Friday (September 23rd), Sinosteel Tianyuan will convene an extraordinary shareholders meeting "on the company complies with the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds conditions this is Bill", after a lapse of four months, the company held second shareholders’ meeting to consider the relevant motion. This is a steel Tianyuan last February has started restructuring and supporting financing case, had come to review the last hurdle: in May 27th this year, the company has been restructuring the Commission submitted application materials, and obtained the receipt. Unexpectedly, three days after the Commission of a paper notice, interrupted the audit process. To July 8th, the company announced a major asset restructuring program major adjustment and withdraw the audit application. Obviously, the regulatory review "in" the merger and reorganization of the steel Tianyuan "points" and "the consequences of a major adjustment scheme is the new version of the program must follow the audit procedures. Reporter noted that this year, there are about eight mergers and acquisitions of Listed Companies in the case after receiving feedback from the Commission, due to "major adjustments" and had to start again from the beginning, including: Steel Tianyuan, Kodak shares, Del future, yunengkonggu, Chengzhigufen, Prince of new material, *ST Xinghua, Dianguangzhuanmei etc.. "Major adjustments" to start again according to the steel Tianyuan disclosure, re take the audit procedures of the work has been enough busy for a while. First of all, the company should according to the requirements of the underlying asset re audit, evaluation, the company to fulfill the internal decision-making procedures; secondly, "the adjustment program requires the board of directors of listed companies, by the general meeting of shareholders, and obtain the approval of the SASAC, the Commission and other regulatory authorities approved." Like Dianguangchuanmei, last May 28th, the reorganization of the company project; to December 3rd, the former version of plan approved by the general meeting of shareholders; in December 18th, the previous application accepted by the Commission; in January 8th this year, a company received feedback before April 5th, the plan version; the company announced the withdrawal of the previous application and re declaration, then entered the project adjustment and re audit assessment procedures; to June 17th, shareholders’ meeting after the adjustment of the new restructuring plan; in June 30th, the new application accepted by the Commission; in July 22nd, the Commission received a notice on August 31st, the company feedback; a feedback reply; in September 10th, the disclosure of the revised draft feedback reply…… So, if the restructuring of the program can not reach a major adjustment, then what kind of process need to go through it? With the Dianguangchuanmei almost at the same time start Aerospace Electronics restructuring and related financing as an example, in May 15th last year, aerospace electronic suspension start financing project; to December 11th, aerospace electronics projects SASAC record; in January 20th this year, led by the general meeting of shareholders;相关的主题文章: