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Confirm the OLED iPhone 8 screen appearance will be a big change – Sohu [news] Chinese digital mobile phone recently, network overwhelming all have news about iPhone 8, equipped with OLED screen, three size versions, there is obviously some with certainty, netizens think. However, the size of Apple’s procurement from the point of view, these rumors have a lot of credibility is high. No frame version of the iPhone 8 first apple to Samsung to purchase a large number of OLED screen, which shows that iPhone 8 has the potential by using the LCD screen to use more high-grade OLED screen; secondly, the OLED screen is 5.7-5.8 inch from the side also confirmed the rumors that Apple will launch a large size iPhone; finally, analyst Guo Mingchi pointed out that although the purchase of the big screen, but Apple will only use one of the 5.1-5.2 inch, it is not clear why, but it certainly is iPhone 8 in appearance there will be changes in turn the world upside down. Earlier Guo Mingchi had predicted iPhone 8 will have three versions, 5.8 inches OLED screen, 4.7 inches LCD screen, 5.5 inches LCD screen, metal body to glass body, there will be a larger gap in the configuration. In any case, the new generation of iPhone will be the focus of public attention, high configuration and will lead to high prices, but even if the price is higher, we will buy buy buy right?相关的主题文章: