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Cool summer taste delicious Haikou Ma Verdier popsicles Sohu – a tourist shop, a cold, a man and a whole summer memories. They are hidden in the streets, or hidden in the old city, or become all chowhound will go to the ground. In any case, for decades and centuries, they were there to keep the memory of our fathers and all our childhood. This summer, take you to find them, together to visit, belong to a city’s collective childhood. In Haikou modern cool taste have a taste, called feelings, in the Harbin Raiders all, regardless of seasons, even 30 degrees below zero, shivering, to recommend to the hundred years old, is — modern cold hall. In 1906, French Jews created the store, which has a history of 100 years! Liberation from the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, to 100 years old taste has not changed. Modern popsicles, ice cream and yogurt is bright, soft and mellow, compared with common cold drinks, milk taste is more rich. In Harbin, standing in the People are hurrying to and fro. central street, eat at night under the modern, Harbin, this experience is itself part of the journey. And now in Chinese haizhinan — Haikou can also find Hal ice taste, on the Thai city of the modern popsicle also opened a shop, you can not let Hainan Island can still enjoy a refreshing flavor. The celebration of the shop in August 28th – in September 3rd, with the second half price. Who buy Ma Verdier popsicles circle of friends to share the photos you can enjoy the second half price. In the store consumption of more than 20 can become a member of the members of the super members of the annual reduction of Hitachi and the value of the discount sharing. The 27 day of the opening day sales of 2772, let modern again in Haikou. The taste of the taste of the old guest face to enjoy, in a continuous line, continuous and smooth, cool summer, this summer is no longer lonely, only with modern company. Tyrone: Datong City Shop No. 4 Haikou Road, Tai Longcheng square after No. third: paving IWC Shop No. 25 Datong Road International Metropolis 5 floor look tide cubic shop: civilization Road No. 42 Street No. 29 cubic tide.相关的主题文章: