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Digital design achievements of the "future architecture" — science and technology — original title: digital design achievement "future building" Phoenix center location this is a future oriented architecture. In the southwest corner of Beijing Chaoyang Park, a beautiful harmony, soft eye-catching building. The curve of the shell like a continuation of the beginning and the end of the bar, the magnificent atrium space wrapped around the package. This is a cultural connotation of the building. The design idea of the building is shaped from the "Mobius ring", and China and Tai Chi in the traditional culture of figure is very similar, it has artistic conception of space is boundless, the infinite loop is similar to things of Taiji Culture are interrelated in nature, so that the construction of transfer to the rich China traditional cultural spirit. This is a science and technology building. It is the first comprehensive application of digital information technology project, the design team has overcome many unprecedented technical problems, they explored the way of technology transfer of local architects use manufacturing mature technology to create a high degree of completion of the construction work, make full use of digital information technology to build coordination control and accurate and efficient completion of the construction project. The industry upgrade. The building, known as the Phoenix Center, has now become a new landmark in Beijing. By the Beijing Institute of architectural design and Research Co., Ltd., chief architect Shao Weiping led the design team, which lasted 6 years, the final completion of the impossible task". Phoenix Center is the first completely by the local team to build a landmark building, it can be said that sounded the Chinese design, China built horn. The famous American critic, architect Joseph Giovannini believes that the design and construction of the Phoenix Center, means that the innovation of modern architectural baton has been passed to the hands of the Chinese people". It is understood that in 2012 the Phoenix Center is famous design website named "20 thousand and 120 cultural construction", won the praise of the industry at home and abroad, the project also won the two prize of science and technology award 2015 years in Beijing city. "Mobius ring" brought challenge in the past ten years, many new landmarks have sprung up in Beijing, such as the "bird’s nest" and "Water Cube" National Theatre, T3 terminal, these buildings represent a very high level of domestic construction industry. However, the vast majority of them are designed by foreign architects, for Chinese architects, this is somewhat regrettable. Change began in 2008. That year, Phoenix International Media from Hongkong decided to build a headquarters in Beijing. Location selected in the southwest corner of Beijing Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang Park is the largest city park within the city of Victoria, Beijing, surrounded by green surrounding, there are large tracts of forest behind it. "This place has a characteristic, on the west side of the road is a curve, with the form of North South Road, and enclosed a not very irregular rules of the green land on the west side, there are large tracts of forest landscape. Especially green on the north side there are several high-rise residential houses, many residents are worried that the project construction will be to their residential lighting,)相关的主题文章: