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Dry autumn baby nosebleed how to do? [Abstract] children epistaxis, first of all, please doctor diagnosis. Autumn dryness causes the child nasal bleeding in two cases, one is allergic, another is heat, should be in the ENT and pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment. After the autumn weather fever dry, make people appear a lot of discomfort, especially in children. Strong physique of children, the appetite is big, but also a large amount of activity, so it is easy to heat, dry weather in the nosebleed. But the constitution is not strong, the heat is not heavy children to fall easily bleeding from the nose, so many parents very confused. Due to allergic nosebleeds children, parents can roughly judge: wake up every morning, the children of sneezing, nose feel dry, unconsciously rub the nose, nosebleeds occur in the morning and the morning. While the physical strong heat of heavy child nosebleeds is not relative to the fixed time. These two kinds of nosebleeds, are caused by dryness in autumn. The reason is that the body is dry, resulting in dry nasal mucosa. Children’s nasal mucosa delicate, rich and fragile blood vessels, dry evil caused by nasal dryness, so there is a small vascular rupture. The autumn to give them water, such as diet in pear soup, persimmon juice, water chestnut soup often drink, or eat more fruits and vegetables. In the face to the child, wash with water, the child’s nose in front, pay attention not to get the water deep into the nasal cavity, in order to prevent choking water. Often use cotton swabs dipped in baby oil or lotion to wipe the front of the child’s nose, usually do not use hand digging nostril. Once the nose bleeding, do not panic, let the children quiet, head to stay upright, adults will be disinfected cotton or clean paper towel roll into the bleeding nostril, careful not to insert too deep. At the same time with the baby’s neck after cold water tap, can also use a small ice cold. If invalid, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Can give children nosebleeds: Taking the medicine to the pharmacy to buy 9 grams, 6 ~ 9, Keaiye Oujie 9 grams, 9 grams of raw thearborvitae leaves. Put the water into the powder and, after boiling simmer for 15 minutes, then put the soup out of Cheng, two, let the children sooner or later. Generally want to drink 5 to 3 days.相关的主题文章: