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Enter the Tiangong two test track will be the basic function of the system testing, expert interpretation of the five flight control difficult – Sohu technology will be the basic functions of system testing, expert interpretation of the five flight control difficulty of accurate control of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center, 16 Temple No. two, the successful implementation of the two orbit control, smooth in orbit test track. According to the deputy director of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center Li Jian introduced relatively earlier, this temple rendezvous and docking, No. two and Shenzhou eleven combination operation and return of the spacecraft, launch orbit altitude and the future space station orbit altitude is basically the same, the flight track control strategy and control mode is more close to the future space station requirements. Beijing space flight control center director general Chen Xianfeng said: "the Temple No. two, currently in good condition, the system is working properly." It is understood that in orbit test track, the ground will be on the system of Tiangong two platform on the basic function and stability test, will also use the payload to carry out a series of space science experiment. The key task in flight control technology, facing new challenges 5. The first is the high accuracy of the long-term orbit prediction. The two is the design and verification of the control strategy of the remote control of the docking orbit. Three is the short arc section fast determination track. Four is a fast track before returning control. The five is the companion flying observation and orbit control resides. In addition to the technical challenges, Beijing flight control center is also faced with many potential risks: the astronauts in orbit for 33 days, long time requirements of ground control personnel on duty, flight control software and hardware system of high strength of uninterrupted work, ground control network full time continuous tracking, the control system stability and reliability, put forward higher requirements and all kinds of emergency under the condition of system integrated ability; spacecraft solar arrays with arbitrary bias angle of sun tracking function verification, human-computer collaborative maintenance, companion release and detection over the new test system on orbit accuracy, system coordination, ground monitoring judgment requirements are very high on the track. The 1 Temple No. two, or with the space station in orbit at the same time Chinese China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Tiangong two chief designer Zhu Congpeng 16, told reporters: "China space station is expected to completed around 2020, if Tiangong two in good condition," the extension service ‘, or the space will be the first space laboratory and space station to add picture." Tiangong two is Tiangong-1’s backup product, the design life of two years. Zhu Congpeng said, because of changes in technology by adding propellant in orbit and orbit altitude, Tiangong two in orbit life will be greatly improved. "We expect the Tiangong two should be continued for more than 5 years, or even more time." Zhu Congpeng said. The space station is completed, it could lower the Tiangong two track height may be a cargo ship first added with Tiangong two docking, and docking with the space station. The astronaut can access Tiangong two, can also visit the space station." Zhu Congpeng said. The 2 Tiangong-1 expects the second half of next year. Tiangong-1 launched in September 29, 2011, the agency相关的主题文章: