Face to face with Faye Yu maxmara sports coat I like best (video) tataufo

Faye Yu: MAXMARA sports coat I like the best of Faye Yu: Tencent’s net friend good friends, I am Faye Yu, I am very pleased to meet with you at the MAXMARA show. Tencent fashion: can you look at the show at the scene today? Faye Yu: today to see the show clothing from MAXMARA, I love plain, so I chose a relatively simple white underwear. Tencent fashion: did you see any of your favorite items? Faye Yu: today’s show I feel pretty good, because most of them are suitable for ordinary wear, sports, and leisure, so I like it. Tencent fashion: today’s style is relatively cold, but the whole show gives people the feeling is more over, there are some suspenders clothes, this is what you usually try? Faye Yu: I think it is to see what the occasion, I will choose and my age is more suitable for clothing. Tencent fashion: do you have any idea of the latest network terms, thinking that your fans are from 70 to 00, so do you have any knowledge of the Internet? Faye Yu: for the network I am a relatively backward person, so I am still learning, a lot of new network language may need to be around the staff to my popularity. Tencent are: do you know what "Liao Mei", and "CP"? Faye Yu: This is just finished, just understand, just learned the word. Tencent fashion: do you usually chase drama, or watch some movies? Faye Yu: I usually watch TV more. Tencent fashion: do you look at this season’s MAXMARA clothes? Faye Yu: I think this season is also my love and fit, although some of the more beautiful may be suitable for young people, but I just saw a lot of gray tights, including sports jacket I love. Tencent fashion: will there be a chance to try suspenders or something like that? Faye Yu: I think a combination of it, in fact I think the process of filming we will try a lot of clothing, so many changes I is more likely to try in the role of life, or more will choose their own and make yourself comfortable. Tencent are: there is no what special want to challenge the acting role, for example: female spy, white-collar workers and the warmth of mother, you are more interested in which one? Faye Yu: female spy I’ve played, I also take on the role, I feel or see I met the script and the role itself, I’m not going to set me in advance must do what is now. Tencent are: people say you’ve been very indifferent like the feel of the water, how to keep this attitude in life? Faye Yu: just want to be as simple as the simple life. Tencent fashion: how to protect their skin, because your skin is very good condition. Faye Yu: I think the most important thing is to sleep, and then try to go to bed early. Tencent fashion: will it go to bed at 8 o’clock? Faye Yu: actually, I went to bed at 9 yesterday, because I have to get up early today. Tencent fashion: how long will it take? Ten hours? Faye Yu: if you can sleep, is the best way相关的主题文章: