Fan Fan new song MV exposure we are sugar sweet to sad (video)

Fan Fan song MV exposure: we are sugar, sweet to the sad Fan Fan Fan Fan "if no later" TV drama "the wedding song" why Tencent entertainment news recently, TV drama "marriage" why is the perfect ending, the story is not only the audience talked about, a few songs of acoustic drama also harvest countless praise. At the end of song "sung by Fan Fan if not later" also recently exposed the official MV, literary style complement each other fresh melodious tunes and MV, users have to point praise: "Fan Fan’s songs are too poke heart, MV screen is very beautiful". If not after the exposure of the MV, the picture full of literary and artistic atmosphere, the sea, windmill, bonfire these elements are also sketched a beautiful but will eventually face the feelings of separation. Fan Fan personally battle in the MV, and the heroine in the story of sugar abuse dog. But this "sweet sorrow" love, eventually lost time, already alienated love again into embarrassment. Fan Fan will be the hero’s emotional interpretation is very full, the way people feel bad about to speak, but saying nothing. The first piece of the song and the drama of the plot is also quite fit, as MV lyrics, "if you do not have the freedom to enjoy the freedom to do your friends," said the true meaning of friendship and love. Fan Fan slightly sad voice, I have to sigh, contains complex mood unspeakable, users are led and the audience’s sympathy. It is reported that, in addition to the film tail song "if not later," the play "Angel" and "transparent" is also sung by Fan Fan. Fan Fan’s most distinctive theme, catchy songs, has a strong appeal, this is the reason he won the audience favorite.相关的主题文章: