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Force to take me a! A wave of Chinese cabbage price Zhihao Yan car coming soon! I want to ask the car – Sohu Highlander and X1 which, as a 90, it must be X1, although not all aspects of Highlander, but as long as a "BMW" is sufficient! In my opinion, the same as I think of the young people are not a few, the temptation of luxury brands is quite huge, manufacturers also know this truth, this is not! A wave of less than 200 thousand of the cabbage price luxury car will be listed! A Volvo XC40, Volvo’s first compact SUV will be on the market, with the yen value will be able to XRV this kind of goods, free man all seckill, some people say that XC40 is more expensive, in fact! In my opinion, in accordance with the current price of the Audi Q3 with the lowest have been dropping to less than 180 thousand, XC40 does not show sincerity how line? And you can experience the world’s most advanced urban security system! Look forward to "comfortable brother" give us a reasonable price! Two, Audi Q2 buy your big brother 180 thousand, buy you almost on the 150 thousand? It really is a possibility, you are not your brother than you! Q2 is a small SUV yen value high, it is for young people to take a look of the car will be poisoned, the appearance is very stylish and full vitality, although small but for single youth and family space is enough, want to pursue the quality of life, this car Q2 is definitely a good choice. Three, Audi’s new A3 or Audi, Audi in order to really sell the fight! Do not say first what the new A3 listed, now to see the old section of the price range of A3 is really quite large, it is said that in the northeast, with a minimum of 120 thousand A3 will be able to win, I go to, let alone buy civic money, buy loungyee money enough! While the new A3 although not yet listed, but in 200 thousand can buy high-quality hatchback A3 homes? Four, a series of BMW three car BMW car is a very fun to drive the hatchback car, the three compartment is this what a ghost? Tell you BMW also began to play for Chinese, a three car version of this car is China tailored, no foreign oh! But the lowest price of 180 thousand plus blue sky and white clouds of faith, this car does not fire who fire? Maybe when the car after the listing, Fawkes, angkesaila control status will not protect the king! Benz in this price range is poor, is three, the United States Department of planes not to get involved in, if BMW, Audi, Volvo tasted the sweetness, I estimate is not less than 200 thousand and the mass of the world shuangtian. For consumers is very pleased to see such a scene. Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: