Founder Zhou Shengsheng Zhou Junlian died at the age of 89, was at the helm of the company for 23 ye exit safe mode

Founder Zhou Shengsheng Zhou Junlian died at the age of 89: 23 years at the helm of the company was first listed Hongkong jewelry business Zhou Shengsheng announced that the group is one of the founders and non executive director Zhou Junlian died on September 17th, aged 89. Oriental IC data figure surging news reporter Liu Xinyu Hongkong veteran Zhou Shengsheng silver (00116.HK) board of directors announced the evening of September 19th, non executive director Zhou Junlian died in September 17, 2016 and one of the founders of the group company, at the age of 89. Zhou Shengsheng is the gold jewelry brand in Hongkong, widely known to mainland buyers. In 1934, funded by the father of Zhou Junlian Zhou Fang spectrum, Zhou family opened the first shop in Guangzhou, after several twists and turns, the business will be transferred to Hongkong. Zhou Shengsheng Natori meaning "cycle, life and growth in nature", landed on the Hong Kong stock market in 1973, Hongkong is also the first listed jewelry business. Zhou Junlian was born on 1928, and the brothers Zhou Junling, Zhou Jun Ren together took over his father’s gold business. Zhou Junlian’s brother Zhou Shengsheng served as chairman of the group of Junling weeks from 1973 until 1990. After a week, Junling became honorary chairman, Zhou Junlian Zhou Shengsheng take over as chairman of the group, and work in this position for 23 years. Zhou Shengsheng, chairman and executive director of the current board of directors, general manager of Zhou Yongcheng, is the son of Zhou Junlian. While the other two executive directors, Zhou Jingcheng Zhou Yuncheng, is a cousin of Zhou Yongcheng. In addition, Zhou Shengsheng is currently a non-executive director and honorary chairman of the board of directors of Mr. Zhou Junling. Zhou Shengsheng’s announcement shows that the life of the group’s commitment to the development of the business of Zhou Junlian, contributed a lot. In addition to join the public service especially in charity and education to the public, except was appointed justice of the peace, the government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region has also been awarded the bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) for praise. In addition, he also received an honorary doctorate from Chinese University Hong Kong. Due to the overall retail jewelry industry downturn, the first half of 2016, Zhou Shengsheng turnover fell 16% to HK $7 billion 800 million, which in the mainland turnover of HK $3 billion 744 million, equivalent to the same period last year; net profit fell 50% to HK $364 million. Jewelry retail accounted for 88% of the turnover of Chow Sang sang. As of the end of the first half, Zhou Shengsheng has 351 stores in the mainland. According to the Chilean consulting earlier released "2016-2022 China jewelry industry market operation situation and development forecast report" in 2015, "double 11" Tmall jewellery sales rankings, Zhou Shengsheng sales ranked fifth behind Zhou Dafu. Zhou Shengsheng shares currently stable performance, as of September 20th midday, at HK $14.36, by 0.14% days. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: