From where the new citizen into the holy year 11 big update version of innovation htc802w

From where the "new citizen" into the holy year 11 big update version of innovation is reborn is reborn, "the new house (micro-blog)" new version "from where the 11 day into the Holy Spirit shock release, new era take 11 days to open the same day! New story, new challenge! The additional attribute reincarnation blessing, new fashion, a new copy of the incoming, invite you to experience the end of innovation! Words do not say, you warriors follow the small series I look at the new version of the magic! New release time: November 11th 13:00 click on the link to view the new version details: Forged body extra attributes increase the reincarnation of mortal flesh, how can we truly peep into the holy cultivation of the road? In the "new citizen" new chapter "refined into the holy", we can finally through the "forged body reincarnation" system, get rid of mortal achievements, sage! In the game, game player only need to reach level 65, you can spend 300 gold through the use of props, body forging and quenching alchemy, [] task can be on your way, 1 order reincarnation! In reincarnation, game player role can not only activate the life element spirit, get extra bonuses! At the same time, after the completion of reincarnation, the character portrait frame also will happen changes, the dragon was surrounded by Oh ~ forged body reincarnation new fashion releases a new version of "refined into the holy", in addition to the open forging body reincarnation system, will also release a new game of fashion! All the appearance of association members, you want to know how to get these 11 days after our new fashion? Please come to preview! After reincarnation, they can get a new fashion game player [soul turn ray (first order)]. After the game player in the NPC role of reincarnation, "exchange girl can access the task [Fashion Exchange (first order)], collected 15 fashion fragments of cloth can be converted to 1 exclusive fashion [soul] to ray (first order), fashion cloth fragments can knock down through reincarnation reincarnation [] a copy of Xian Dian in BOSS get. In addition to cool styling, the 1 reincarnation of fashion can also increase the value of life and play the game player base damage, and is overlapped with the common attributes of fashion! What, enough IMBA! Join a new copy of reincarnation forged body no new copy, how happy to meet the new version? In the "new citizen" new chapter "refined into the holy", open a new copy of the reincarnation reincarnation [Xian Dian]. In this photo, Xian, Qi Lin, solemn palace, during more magic, enchants parrots, taking the wind, the rabbit king beast, BOSS ink snake entrenched, only full kill, can be hidden in the depths of the fam rare material treasure! In the game, game player who only through and in Chengdu (522368) NPC "reincarnation messenger he Sha Road long" dialogue, in order to enter the reincarnation [Xian Dian] copy. At the same time, the requirements of the common 3-6 copy of exploration, after all not have a strong team, easily in the battle of BOSS pouncer ~ forged body reincarnation system optimization in addition to add these new content, "new house" in the new version of the existing game content optimized depth, so that players can enjoy more smooth gaming experience! In the game, not only for the fox, Wu Zun, Qingcheng, Emei and occupation has been optimized further adjusted, re optimization of the siege warfare gameplay; at the same time, a new field team buff:相关的主题文章: