GF fund launched the third batch of PPP projects will highlight the investment value of the fund cha zibba

GF Fund: the third batch of PPP project launched soon highlights the value of the investment fund channel – recently, the national development and Reform Commission to the public promotion of 1233 PPP projects, a total investment of about 2 trillion and 140 billion, involving seven areas of energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and major municipal engineering etc.. Among them, the proportion of environmental protection projects, the number of over. According to statistics, from June this year to support the policy on PPP projects continue to overweight: the State Council, the Ministry of finance, China policy development and Reform Commission and other relevant ministries and local governments have issued a series of support, support PPP mode development. Brokerage analysts believe that, in the lack of hot market, the list of the third batch of PPP demonstration project issued in favor of PPP renewed enthusiasm, and strengthen the control of the central government to a certain extent, marking the environmental protection industry into the era of big ticket, the effect of age. This project review more stringent than ever before, the project is expected to be more pure texture better." Guotai Junan public utilities and environmental protection industry senior researcher Wang Wei pointed out that the experts in 5 major areas of the project approval process in each project field by 7 ministries, from the industry to review, finally unified summary. The review of disguised financing BT projects, guaranteed commitment, repurchase arrangements through the project shall not be accepted, requires the cooperation period of not less than 10 years, and the requirements of project must pass through the value demonstration and the financial capacity proof, only through the two certification PPP project will be included in the government budget. We believe that the third batch of PPP projects in the environmental quality of the project is expected to be more pure and more excellent, guaranteed return on investment is expected to be higher." Wang Wei said. Continue to hit good policy in the tide of environmental protection industry, eye-catching performance in the weak market, making the theme fund net performance associated with prominent. Daily economic news reporter noted that, as a focus on the environmental protection industry fund products, GF CSI environmental protection industry (001064) recent performance eye-catching. According to Wind data show that as of September 21st, the fund within the past three months, the net growth rate of 8.19%, far more than the same period of the CSI 300, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 5.16% and 5.12%. Insiders pointed out that GF card environmental protection industry (001064) outstanding performance is not accidental. As an index fund, the fund is tracking the subject of the CSI two cities covering the outstanding environmental protection industry related listed companies in the CSI environmental industry index, with a high degree of industry representation and growth. Data show that from 2012 to July 1, 2016, CSI environmental industry index rose 71.52%, significantly exceeded the same period of the CSI 300, the Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen 100 index rose as the core market. In particular, the core index of the market are negative earnings in 2013, the environmental protection industry index still achieved 31.73% positive returns, fully reflects the strong growth of the environmental protection industry, by the high degree of policy and market attention. "As to promote the development of environmental protection industry related policies introduced gradually," 13th Five-Year "during the environmental protection industry will continue to flourish. Ring based.相关的主题文章: