Golden nine silver ten to start preheating drop dead diva

"Golden nine silver ten" to start preheating?? in spite of the big consumer holiday under the impact of the cognition of the seasonal consumption promotion concept has become increasingly blurred, but for businesses, in September and October will focus on the month. Although this season, a month of hard work, arrived in the dry year, the effect has not been, but still enthusiastic holiday consumption expectations. In September the market has just started, Home Furnishing started marketing activities, eager for a fight, the store opened new stores, the timely introduction of new brands…… All the signs indicate that the golden nine silvers ten have started warming up, whether for business or consumer market, it is worth looking forward to. ?? The market warming, September "good"?? in September, with the market’s expectations for industry. Although in September, October to Home Furnishing enterprise annual sales performance contribution has no "half" is so high, but over the years from the national building materials Home Furnishing boom index shows that every year 9, October, the market will be a little high. 2016 home market overall situation is better than last year, so this year’s beginning in September, the market is full of expectations. From the 2016 national building materials home boom index point of view, from the beginning of March, the monthly home building boom index is higher than the same period last year. Insiders also said that this year the overall situation of the home market is better than last year. China Building Materials Circulation Association executive vice president Qin Zhanxue said: Although the current market sentiment index in September is still not statistics, but it should be better than in August. On the whole, this year’s home market, from sales, consumer purchasing power, market confidence and other aspects, but also better than last year." Data show that 1-7 months, the national scale home building materials stores cumulative sales of 648 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 9.82%. ?? In fact, September has just started, the market has emerged. September 3rd -4, outside the city will be held in the home Sheng Hui Carnival activities, full reduction, sweepstakes, send a circus show tickets and other activities, to get good results. According to Liu Yang, general manager of the center of the city home Plaza market operations, said: two days of activity, sales of more than $110 million, the flow is expected to break through forty thousand passengers. Overall, the effect is very good, to achieve our expectations." She said, this activity is popular, it can be seen from Cashier. "The museum building materials eight cashiers, from nine in the morning until seven at night, there are consumers in the queue waiting for payment, visible consumer demand is still very strong. In fact, the overall situation can also be seen from this year. This year 1-8 month, we obviously feel the warming of the market, sales compared to the same period last year increased by 5%-10%, increased significantly." For businesses, September, October or to focus on the month. Although this season, a month of hard work, arrived in the dry year, the effect is not, but after all, get together holiday, holiday consumption enthusiasm is still highly anticipated. In addition to home stores, many brands have also introduced concessions, new products, to meet the arrival of the season. The enterprise moves out of the new? Near the Mid Autumn Festival, coupled with the arrival of the national day, the sale of various marketing activities. In September, the major.相关的主题文章: