Golden week Guangzhou car market sales increased by 2-3 to civil servants to buy a car to inc

Golden week Guangzhou city car sales rose 2-3   civil servants increased the proportion of car – car – original title: golden week Guangzhou city car sales rose 2-3 increased the proportion of civil servants into a Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhang Aili reported: months of downturn in car city, finally broke out in this National Day holiday consumption climax. Yangcheng Evening News reporter visited the National Day holiday car market in Guangzhou found that in addition to a few local auto show promotions, car dealers also introduced a variety of preferential activities. And will expire at the end of the 1.6L and the following vehicle purchase tax halved policy, but also effectively stimulate the market sentiment. Many car dealer told reporters yesterday that the national day seven day than usual market sales increased from four to 50%, compared with the same period last year increased by two to 30%. Holiday volume "high to low" this vehicle price decline is relatively large, gifts are relatively large, 6 days before the turnover of nearly 100 cars today, sales are expected to reach about 10, during the golden week sales volume is expected to be around 110 cars." October 7th, a European brand car dealers, told reporters that the impact of the reform of the bus, the proportion of civil servants to buy a car during the National Day this year also increased significantly. In addition, according to some industry insiders, the purchase tax in 1.6L and the following vehicle expires at the end of the year, the market preferential policies to increase the influence of such factors, the National Day holiday turnover compared with the same period last year increased by two to 30%, and compared with the usual increase of four to 50%, many of them from 1.6L and the following vehicle sales. Today, the store is a general situation, affected by the typhoon, the last two days a lot of foreign tourists." A day of brand car dealers, said: the first five days of relatively prosperous people, the exhibition hall is basically full of people, many buyers from other areas outside Guangzhou." The person in charge of an independent brand dealers also bluntly, in the policy and market incentives under the double stimulation, they exceeded the previous set of sales targets. From the golden week, the market showed a high and low sales characteristics, the store sales are basically reflected in the first five days of the holiday, the last two days to reduce the transaction is mainly affected by the weather. Fortunately, these two days, the weather is good in Guangzhou, some car buyers need to travel back after the holiday tourists in Guangzhou, have come to buy a car." The independent brand car dealer said. Some models of the car to wait for more than half a month in the traffic surge driven by eleven during the year, many car dealers earn pours. Exhibition hall every day like a small auto show, the flow of people. Five days before the holidays every day from morning to night in the hall are overcrowded, and continued to work." The person in charge of the Guangzhou Baiyun Avenue is located in the German brand store said. Reporters found that, in addition to the joint venture brands and independent brands, the number of imported brands of car dealers also increased sales than usual. "Our holiday market sales increased by more than 40% more than usual, after this wave of sales boom, can only wait for the mid and late of the Guangzhou auto show in 11." Import car dealer said. However, the car sales dealers happy, also began to worry about the car source of tension. "We sell the models, there are two cars are)相关的主题文章: