Guangdong is a new violation after admission was repaying his death soulseek

Guangdong is a new violation after admission was repaying student tuition refund queue jumped (Baoliao for map) the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Quan Liangbo today is the Mid Autumn Festival, Guangdong Lianjiang Anpu middle school freshman Gon Freecss left him forever love the classroom. After dropping out of school, he jumped from the roof of his own house, died. So far in the village circulating "in high school is that he did not complete a long cherished wish". Like Gon Freecss was dropped out of the new students are not a minority, they are not the lowest admission scores were taken in violation of the school, was dropped out of school. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Zhanjiang Bureau, the city’s illegal enrollment of about 1900 people, 1325 people have been repaying. Anpu middle school responsible person, lenient in previous years the Bureau of education, the school has "red line" for luck, but not break past this year. I regret not high school yesterday morning, reporters in Lianjiang An Zhen Tang Pu Zhen Po visited the learned, Gon Freecss is one of the students in middle school, an Pu expelled after dropping out, he jumped from his top left this world. The village was just left the world of regret Gon Freecss, said that "high school is one of his unfinished dream". Some villagers said after being dropped out, Gon Freecss chose this extreme way to express dissatisfaction. Some villagers said the father and son because of differences in reading, Gon Freecss insisted on high school, the final choice of suicide. The reporter also contacted the father of Gon Freecss, declined an interview request. "We know that the poor foundation of children, admitted to the university is a luxury, but in high school for three years, and so their mental maturity to the community, parents are assured." The villagers said Mr. Huang, all policies are to inform the parents of the students, the school did not organize a meeting of parents informed, there is no telephone communication. Let the students accept the "bad news", repaying the style is too tough, also did not consider students’ psychological ability. In addition, now the occupation school management ability is uneven, then the child was expelled hard to find a way out, has missed the good opportunity to choose occupation school. "Practice" enrollment working this year yesterday, the reporter learned from Anpu middle school, because did not reach the minimum admission scores of students are repaying a total of more than 200 years, the default higher authorities of illegal actions, this does not work, so will the collective drop out status. At the same time, because of the presence of enrollment indicators, so that the school had to recruit illegal. Ann shop relevant responsible person said, the higher authorities issued enrollment targets for 702 people, as the township, to reach more than 350 points only more than and 300 people, not enough recruit students. And did not complete the enrollment targets, but also because of the unfinished popularity of high school education indicators and criticized. Anyway, illegal enrollment has been acquiesced, so the school on the red line." In accordance with previous practice, although the score is not up to standard, but as long as the school admission, the Bureau of education is the default for the normal enrollment and the establishment of school records, candidates can participate in college entrance examination." The official said that in August this year, the Department of Education issued enrollment policy, the minimum admission score of 350 points. The school did not attach importance to the score line, in accordance with previous years, practice enrollment. Unexpectedly, the strict implementation of the admissions policy, 8相关的主题文章: