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A new space launch site in Hainan open three in field emission characteristics of the Inland Sohu Military Channel Xinhua news agency in Hainan on 3 November, Wenchang: China in Hainan to build a new generation of space launch site, before officially named the "China space launch site in Wenchang". This is China’s own design and construction of the first green environmental protection, completely open to the modernization of the new space launch site, will open the launch of China’s new thrust rocket. China Wenchang spaceport, is to adapt to the sustainable development of China’s aerospace industry, to meet the new rocket and future spacecraft mission requirements, approved by the State Council and the Central Military Commission approved the project, September 2009 to start the construction of the new generation of Chinese space launch site, consisting of a test launch, measurement control, communications, meteorology, technical service support etc. five systems, is mainly responsible for the earth synchronous orbit satellite, massive polar orbiting satellites, space stations, large tonnage cargo spacecraft, the deep space probe launch task. Chinese Wenchang spaceport located mainly in the dragon town of Hainan province Wenchang City, covers an area of 16000 acres, according to the new test launch mode, built a long march five and March seven, two rocket launch station, vertical assembly and testing factory level reproduced test workshop, testing workshop, spacecraft assembly workshop, spacecraft filling cover command the control center, is a launch capability, high delivery efficiency, at wide range, safe and reliable, ecological environmental protection, conducive to international cooperation and world first-class modernization new Aerospace Launch site. China Wenchang space launch site contains a number of technological innovation. In the face of high temperature and high humidity, high salt fog strong rainfall typhoon strong thunderstorms and other coastal climate conditions, the comprehensive control and protection technology, to capture the ground water, wind, lightning protection building anticorrosion engineering construction technology and a series of problems, the major construction projects of complex natural conditions breakthrough; comprehensive use of liquid hydrogen, oxygen and kerosene etc. the design of new non-toxic propellants, two rocket vertical transfer track intensive, realize the ecological environmental construction of the launch site breakthrough; the "new three hang a far" test launch mode, to capture the new rocket propellant storage, filling, control and other technical difficulties, to achieve the high thrust rocket launch capabilities breakthrough; the use of self controlled domestic hardware and software development platform, integrated test platform and test task organization command automation operation launch operation Management system, to achieve the integration of organization and command, the use of remote operation, information management network and technical support intelligence. In addition, the application of the technology such as multi trajectory narrow window emission, zero second shedding and linear separation, can greatly meet the emission requirements, and effectively improve the reliability of launch. With Jiuquan, Taiyuan, Xichang and other inland emission field compared to Chinese Wenchang spaceport is closer to the equator, three facing the sea, at a wide range of advantages such as. It’s built and put into use, forming a field emission pattern of China’s coastal and inland combination, combination of high and low latitude, the combination of the shooting range, China’s space launch site layout is more reasonable and more perfect system; China’s low earth orbit (LEO) carrying capacity raised to 25 tons, the earth synchronous transfer orbit (GTO) carrying capacity raised to 1.相关的主题文章: