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Half a century ago, a curious – Sohu tour in 1959, the construction of Xin’An River Hydropower Station dam block, Singapore is the vast expanse of water flooded, gathered in the beautiful Qiandao Lake today. For half a century, the clear water of the lake has taken care of the millennium, with its rare and precious achievements. In 2002 CCTV news reports in the lake bottom of the ancient city, hundreds of millions of breathtaking sights to traction in the beautiful Taihu Lake here, was sleeping with an ancient city with a history of 1400. Wen Yuan Singapore, this deep in the lake water under more than half a century of the ancient city of the millennium, to preserve their mysterious attitude intact, to bring the world a stunning, attracting the world’s attention and discovery. An ancient Church decided to stand up, they are old and new weaving works, part of the ancient imperial arch above, is said to be the year 51 just out of the water, I made a special trip to find shot down. I have no detailed explore these new arch part is how much, how much is salvaged, they stood up, really delivered from oppression is a good thing. Although Wen Yuan Singapore is a new town, but it is new as old, every building, every detail reflects the history of the city is perhaps the thickness, the Xin’an river has nourished, perhaps is the ancient Huizhou history and culture, it gives people the feeling is not a new town. Now, in the city site of Chunan County Jiang Town, at the core of the national 5A level scenic area of Qiandao Lake resort, a copy of the "Wen Yuan Singapore" reproduction of native scene millennium city water, reproduce the legendary life of Tianfu small Western zhejiang. Followed by curiosity, a tour of the ancient Lion City, in between the real and the virtual, wake up the heart of curiosity, to experience a wonderful scenery tour. The lion city along the east street looked not admire city shape, do not know how much fee, wake up the sleeping lion. Scenic spots in those wearing robe actors were particularly noticeable, they in the old way to welcome people to visit Yingbin, and led the tourists to visit various scenic spots along the East Street of the city. The crowd surrounded by actors or go slowly in the street, or they take pictures, or chat with them, it is a landscape of the city. I also want to pull a mother go to Singapore, to see the mother and daughter. In the main street on both sides, there are a lot of beautiful shops, every kind of handicrafts to fully show the simplicity and diligence of the people of Chunan. Singapore has non stage performances, shadow has attracted many tourists to watch. Huizhou Ma Tau wall in the blue night is so quiet and elegant. The night’s desire to know the lion city, thousands of years ago, the night in Chunan city by shining. After thousands of years, the Qiandao Lake night was lit again in singapore. The night of the city with big screen on the wall, you can watch and eat snacks, chat, in this warm summer night do not have a taste. To look on the tower of Kuiwei looked, while the Singapore Museum bridges around, one side is the beautiful Qiandao Lake, one can see the whole city. The lake has a sleeping lion city, lake.相关的主题文章: