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Henan Anyang Biguiyuan fined 200 thousand: Deputy mayor, deputy mayor of environmental protection environmental protection cold-shoulder treatment unannounced visits to eat eat cold-shoulder treatment 40 minutes of unannounced visits to the garden was fined 200 thousand for "pollution siege" problems, Anyang recently became the focus of media attention. Suspended in the Anyang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Zhang Weidong, even the day, Anyang city leaders personally, conducted a thorough investigation of the dust control problem. On September 16th, Anyang vice mayor Tang Xiantai led the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible comrades on dust pollution inspection, in Anyang Biguiyuan site by the workers in the door for nearly 40 minutes, finally, the site for coverage is not strict, dust four, law enforcement officers refused to check heavy penalties. In September 16th, dust pollution in Anyang vice mayor Tang Xiantai led the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible comrades of the Anyang area of Wenfeng District, longan District, high-tech zones carried out thorough investigation, found widespread slow and ineffective work, the rectification of the problem of low standard etc.. In the afternoon, Tang Xiantai came to a pedestrian, the site is located in Wenfeng district town garden project, locked the door. Through the door you can see, there are a lot of loess site without any covering. When law enforcement officers liangmingshenfen, required to enter the site to carry out law enforcement inspection, site staff have repeatedly obstructed, claiming that they have leadership requirements, without the consent of the leaders, no one was allowed to enter the site, you need to report to the leadership to open the door. Followed by law enforcement officers repeatedly requested, it is still necessary to wait for their leaders to open the door. After nearly 40 minutes later, after the arrival of several construction workers, the door was opened, law enforcement officers have been able to enter. After entering the site, not far can be found in a large number of loess bare, no cover, no one to cover operations. Of that refusal to examine the behavior of law enforcement officers to enter the city of Anyang, Deputy Secretary for housing construction bureau Yang Qingbing said that in September 15th, the Municipal Housing Bureau of the city’s construction site issued a suspended earthwork operations and good dust control notice, the vast majority of the site can be performed according to the requirement, but there are very few sites ignored. Wenfeng Biguiyuan project site is still covered with lax, dust four. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the air pollution control law, law enforcement officers refused to check, it will be fined 200 thousand yuan. September 17th morning, the city Housing Construction Bureau steering group will be reviewed, such as the site is still not covered in place, it will be fined 200 thousand yuan per day. Impose a fine of $200 thousand. For site coverage is not in place, the Anyang air pollution prevention and control of blue sky project steering group, said Cao Sanzhong, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will impose a fine of 200 thousand yuan on the site. Previously Anyang Biguiyuan villa project has also been due to the quality of the collective rights of owners. (source: Guangming viewpoint) into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: