Henan retired cadres to play with a patent certificate to exchange with 00 sons 3344111

Henan retired cadres play and get certificate for 00 patents after the son of communication is to engage in invention, Zou Jiandong, retired cadres Zou Jiandong lives in Zheng Dong new district received sixth copies issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the "utility model patent certificate". Retired at home, do not play the flower, not on the table, not to engage in the collection, but love "play" patent, in Zou Jiandong’s view, through the invention of build up the family fortunes a small thing, it is important in the process of invention achievement and sense of identity, and the invention also became a communication bridge "and" 00 of his son later, in this field, the two communication gap. [method] the old "play" children turned "patent specialist summer drink beverage cans love with ice, which requires a separate preparation of a container, but the glass washing waste water, not environmental protection." Think of this, Zou Jiandong can design a modified invented energy-saving environment-friendly cans, it is just ordinary tank and cans, the lid has a small two opening, large opening for placing ice and lemon as temperature, seasoning, small opening into the Straw. There is a two ring opening in the middle, by rotating the ring itself, which opened a small two opening. This invention in the State Intellectual Property Bureau awarded the "utility model patent certificate" is affirmed as: "use and cleaning with beverage cups, glasses and other modulation cups, both water saving and simple operation." In another patent, the old Zou improved the inherent mode of table tennis table, add a serving ban area, widening the table span, increased the difficulty of the game game player, ornamental and greatly enhance the offensive. There are a lot of old Zou’s invention, such as improved automobile storage card and operating system, can improve the swimming speed of dividing ridge caps, with new ball bag carrying multiple fixed ball and improve the comfort of the ball bag sports clothes etc.. Up to now, 6 of these inventions have been issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the utility model patent certificate". The dream is to invent and improve people’s life. The most important purpose is to improve people’s life." Zou Jiandong said, "a person who knows how to live, can create a good life." It seems that in the old Zou, "playing" invention of meaning is not to create much economic value, but enjoy yourself, better life. "I ran to four children, father and son more than and 30 years old age difference, want to talk with the child to heart, words and deeds." Later, the old Zou found that third son gradually to invent interest, focusing on how to improve a design, they might argue for the night. Old Zou said, get the number of patent certificate issued by the state, are more than 00 after the son of a word of praise. "Now the children will understand the Internet, are very much. No, really take true skill and genuine knowledge, not him. Around a problem, he talks to me in an equal way, and makes a point of view." He said.相关的主题文章: